Improve Your Quality of Life | Deep Breaths, Long Walks And healthy thoughts

Quality of life. More and more, it seems we’re all being reminded about what that is and how much it matters to each gifted day and our overall journey.

In these odd times in this upside-down world, being proactive about our priorities, thought life, health habits, interactions, peace of mind, time, intricacies, stress level and purpose is essential. Not that they always weren’t (important), but it’s possible we didn’t consider or value them as much when the world was at full volume.

Stress is resilient and when an environment is conducive to it, being purposeful about maintaining your peace amidst everything that’s designed to derail it, builds endurance and can help you experience calm instead of chaos. Stress has no conscience or sense of care and compassion – if you’ve ever had an encounter with it at full volume, you already know to take it off the guest list when it comes to your mind, home, and life.

Benefits of going on nature walks

our walk started here

Deep breaths…when’s the last time you took one?

None of us has to be on an outdoor adventure to take one of these precious gifts we often take for granted. Fresh air is still free; no matter what it seems or looks like. Stats say anxiety is on the rise. What do you say? Please don’t wait ’til it tries climbing through your window, phone or tv to be proactive about taking in regular, purposeful quiet moments to do some deep breathing, whether it’s part of morning quiet time, a stretch series, during a few moments on your balcony, included in your plant-watering or home cooking routine, or out on a walk or drive.

saw a few birdhouses placed on some trees in the forest. So kind.

A long walk…think you’d enjoy one? If so, how about picking a place and stretching those limbs or taking a refreshing ride (if you’re otherwise mobile)? If you’re physically not able to go for one, I hope this pics and whatever else bright the day brings inspire deep breaths for you.

Walking can reduce the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol and stroke. It increases metabolism, can help burn calories and prevent muscle loss.

Walking is like a massage for the joints and can lead to stronger bones and better posture.

I once had a neighbour (she passed away years after) who was extremely overweight and financially fit. She used to get in her car to go to the end of the driveway (about 50 steps away) to throw the garbage in the bins and then circle to go back home. Driving is or feels convenient sometimes, but it’s not always necessary. Walking takes more time but that can be a good thing – you also can witness beautiful surprises tucked away in nature more.

swan at sunset – there’s no road nearby, only a foot path amidst the trees to reach this spot

How about healthy thoughts – what’s the ratio between the high and low ones today? As I ask you, I’m doing a self-check too so we both got homework.

We might complain about road traffic and laundry stacking up but yet still entertain racing thoughts and let them build up and get choked in line if we’re not conscious about filing, filtering, ditching, de-cluttering and refreshing.

Even in tough seasons, making a daily gratitude list and being pleasantly purposeful about the everyday errands of life help nudge thoughts and heart in a healthy upward direction. Recognizing the good (not matter how ‘small’ and even while enduring a challenge) is a step forward for the better.

Of course, going for a walk, hearing a few sweet-singing birds and picking flowers doesn’t cancel out the noise and notifications of the world today or erase any challenges any of us has right now but being in the presence of creation is a beautiful visual reminder that there is a Creator with a higher plan, divine design and bountiful blessings every step of the way. These picture-perfect places and amazing things sprinkled around the map are purposely – not randomly, but lovingly placed here for us to enjoy; not to mention the overall health benefits being in nature has.

P.S: Sis, I don’t know where you are or the contents and pace of your life. This isn’t meant to be a one-size-fits-all slice of advice; just encouragement with inspiration to get as purposefully proactive as you can about enduring this season well and living light at a time when invitations to be stressed are being dished out left, right and center.

picked these dandelion flowers outside and brought them in to decorate the kitchen

While we have a tendency to watch what we eat, let’s also be conscious of and picky with what we feed our minds at and beyond this time. What goes in will eventually come out…or get stucked inside. A healthier, lighter quality of life will overflow across other areas of life.

Live light, sis. You matter. Improve your quality of life. Monitor ‘your’ stress level. Yes, a certain degree of purposeful pressure produces a refined diamond…but a ton-load of worldly stress can cause chaos and negatively influence character. We are designed for work…and rest. That rest makes room for refreshment. Re-set priorities and adjust activities if necessary, while you can. This may cause your life or season of adjustment to look unimpressive to others. You’ll get over it…and it will all be worth it.

With love.

P.P.S: not a coach or counsellor, just sharing sisterly love and words of encouragement from a real life walk,

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