Blogging Is For You If…

Blogging is for you is…

You have a pressing something to say, share, teach, show, sell

You have a knack for words, an eye for images and access to wifi

You’re an avid reader and enjoy other blogs

You’re reasonably consistent with posting 

You’re interested in or have a lot of helpful info on a topic and could talk about it for ages (though you prefer to write more than talk)

You keep getting asked the same questions by many people and realize it would be handy to have an online space to direct them (and others) to

You love to write but aren’t pressed to publish a book rn (btw, if you do multi-media content, you can still integrate it into blog posts)

You ever wanted to work for or start a magazine (or you already did)

You have a service/product and would like an ongoing ‘voice’ / online store for it

You want to introduce people you know or meet to people around the map

You’re passionate about certain topics but not eager about joining random comment trains or debates on social media

You enjoy proofreading and aren’t afraid to press publish

You’re not intimidated by tech or won’t let learning the ‘behind-the-screen’ steps get in the way of sharing your message

You have a general grasp of the language you’re writing in (if not – download this)

You’re called to blog

While it’s pretty easy to launch a website or blog, keeping up with content can feel overwhelming if you’re new to or nervous about online writing, multi-media editing and clicking publish. But if you are called to share online, have a vision for your blog and a knack for writing and designing visuals, it’s going to be worth all the effort.

Start your own blog here. By clicking the link you’ll get a USD. $25. discount on your site launch with a customized domain name.

Happy blogging.

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On that note, is on the Top 45 Caribbean Blogs & News Websites To Follow in 2021, by FeedSpot. Thanks for joining the journey and to the Feedspot team for the acknowledgement and listing. On behalf of the guests and myself, we appreciate you all.

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