The Best Juice Recipe To Replace A Meal

5 ingredients and 10 mins. is all it takes to make and enjoy a green juice that can enhance your health in a multitude of ways.

The fact that it’s a juice and not a smoothie means it’s taking all the fiber out (separating it from the juice) so you’ll be taking in a concentrated dose of green goodness.  

Alright, let’s get to what you’ll need to make the best juice recipe to replace a meal:

  1. Kale/spinach: (leafy greens are the most healthy thing you can possibly juice – the powerhouse of nutrients) spinach is where the green goodness comes from. With the leafy greens you get less volume of juice but it’s highly concentrated and packed with nutrients. 
  2. Cucumber – very watery, alkaline and it adds bulk to your juice.
  3. Lemon – although it’s a citrus fruit it turns alkaline in your body. 
  4. Ginger gives the juice some kick so beginners might want to use it sparingly. It’s an anti-inflammatory root.
  5. Apple makes it sweeter and more palatable. Add to taste.

To make: You’ll need a slow-press juicer; best for leafy greens. How much of each is up to you. If you want more of a zing to it then a cubed knob of ginger is a starting point. For a less ‘firey’ natural juice, more than 2 apples will cut through the ginger and sweeten it overall.

Prep time: 10 mins. 

Washing up: 10 mins. or so depending on the design of the juicer.

The sooner you drink it the better, because it will start to oxidize. To get the most benefits out of it, drink fresh or keep in a sealed bottle on the fridge and it will be drinkable for a day or two.

Flavour tips: if you get the balance right it can actually taste very nice. Start with lots of apple and wean yourself slowly off  as you acquire the taste. Not too much ginger to begin with.

Good for: weight loss, detoxing, as an all-natural tonic when fasting along with many other health benefits. Drinking it regularly can result in healthier skin.

To juice a fresh fruit and vegetable yourself is far superior to anything available on the supermarket shelf. Usually what you find in the stores is either concentrated, pasteurized or have other additives or preservatives, so the product is compromised in the process basically leaving sugar and water.  Fresh juice is full of vitamins and nutrients straight from the source. Try one when you can, and every cell in your body will be nourished because of it.  

Recommended: Slow-press juicer | The Omega VSJ843

P.S: The info shared here is not intended to replace any medical or dietary advice provided by trained health professionals. Please check a doc and do your research to find out the many benefits of making and enjoying a healthy natural green drink.

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