Quiet Observations and LIFE LESSONS

Money can’t buy Love

Like academic education doesn’t guarantee common sense

Like a high-paying job doesn’t generate compassion

Like a full schedule doesn’t necessarily mean time well spent

Like a state-of-the-art house doesn’t define a happy home

Like a burst bank account might not belong to a grateful soul 

Like big muscles don’t define a brave heart

Like true beauty isn’t external

Like being in a high position doesn’t meant you’re a good leader

Like a healthy meal plan isn’t a given sign of a clean mind or mouth

Like a knack for language doesn’t mean there’s a kind use of words

Like “good intentions” don’t always ensure accurate interpretation

Like impressive talent isn’t always used for good

Like everyone who looks like you might not think the same

Like humble beginnings don’t always result in humble endings

Like a person with a degree is not worth more than someone without one

Like owning fancy gadgets doesn’t mean a conscience is included

Like how the most popular person may not be the happiest one in the crowd

Like a smart mouth isn’t the same as a wise mind

Like being next in line doesn’t mean you were first to get there

Like being the loudest doesn’t define the most effective speaker

Like sweet chords are sometimes paired with sour lyrics

Like a long walk doesn’t equate to a changed mood without a willing heart

Like all smiles aren’t always genuine

Like not agreeing about something don’t mean a lack of love

Like clouds aren’t always a sign of rain

Like how some who claim not to believe in faith have faith that they’ll make it to tomorrow

Like peer pressure is real across all ages and social classes

Like gentleness today is often perceived as weakness

Like the most honest isn’t necessarily the most loved

Like a hairstyle isn’t an accurate way to assess someone’s character

Like how some tattooed people can have hearts cleaner than some with a pure-looking profile

Like the most diligent at something isn’t always the most well-known

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