Time Staying In A German Forest | Nature Walks, Homecooking & Outdoor Adventures | Travel Journal

Today I’m inviting you for a virtual forest visit with pics sharing:

  • homecooking moments
  • forest flower bouquets
  • a quad bike ride
  • target practice
  • nature walks

all in a forest in east Germany where I’ve been visiting friends for a few weeks.

Thousands of years ago, a large portion of what is now this vast forest, was the sea. Even as I walk along grassy tracks that suddenly merge into sandy trails laden with all kinds of sea stones, it’s odd to think of how this same place looked so many years ago. Historically, it’s also where ‘The Last Stand,’ a brutal battle took place and yes – evidence of those war times (from rusty artifacts and weapons to a bomb shelter, craters, icky remains and even pricey coins) have been dug up in various spots over time.

I’m still getting used to the temperature and time change, and the fact that it stays light until late and goes from sunny to rainy in a matter of minutes on some days, but it’s all good and I hope to always (remember to) be grateful no matter where I am. Mornings mostly look like sunny beginnings amidst slightly chilly wind with a hot cup of coffee in an inevitably beautiful cup (since my sistren here has exceptional taste in decor and crockery.)

a hot cup of coffee on a bright, slightly chilly morning

At some point in the afternoon or evening, a long walk through the forest is the order of the day. The daily average is 10,000 steps a day and though it feels satisfying to make that mark and more, it’s really gratifying to have the free use of limbs and the ability to breathe, see and hear in the first place.

Anyone else enjoy gathering-flowers on nature walks? Been doing this for years, and it’s a sweet surprise how every time it’s a new blend and fresh fragrances each time even on those days where you take the same path. During these few weeks in Deutschland I’m seeing so many different types of flowers with new colors, shades, shapes and textures; it’s a visual adventure and re-calibration for my eyes. Each assembled bouquet then decorates the kitchen or patio table for the few days it lasts and is a nice reminder of the walk from the day they were collected. Simple things that bring sweet memories and a helpful reminder that flowers though temporary are created with Love that’s everlasting. 

the most recent collected bouquet from a walk

Evenings it’s homecooking time – sometimes it’s lunch and dinner, but recently, with all the prep for an art event I sang at over the last weekend, it’s evenings mostly. That 1 and 1/2 to 2hr window is shared with my sistren, Ira chatting intermittently and encouraging each other in between chopping veggies, seasoning sauces, setting pots to boil provisions and either stirring or baking something. 

Then the group of us (her husband included) sit at the kitchen table or the one outside on the covered patio, give thanks for the meal, eat, talk, drink bottled water, share a good laugh sometimes, and listen to music that’s on the way to your ears soon or take in the quiet ambience of the forest. It’s cosy, and yes – like anywhere and for anyone else, there are challenges on some days but we’re all reminded to be thankful and to remember the beauty and tranquility of where we are right now.

At a time when masked mass media is hollering at the top of its lungs through every in-house and handheld gadget on the map, establishments are arm-wrestling employees and much of the world is spilling onto the streets to sound their voice or lining up to raise their sleeve, it’s inviting to be in a forested location that’s selective (and protective) about the nature of what’s allowed in the space. Onto two other outdoor adventures I had for the first time: a quad bike ride through the forest and target practice using pellets (not bullets.) For someone who’s not into hype adventures (like mountain climbing or roller-coasters), these ones were fun and focus-oriented but not ‘over-the-top’ for me.

quad bike ride through the forest
pellets (not bullets) for target practice. Years ago, I woulda nevah held one of these. Then again, years ago I woulda nevah thought we’d see times like these.

Quality of life matters…but you know this. Sometimes we forget or underestimate it. The things we do are just topical but how we guard our mind in and beyond these times means something. What at-home activity or outdoor adventures harmonizes well with your essence, wellness and purpose in this season, sister? It doesn’t have to be loud, involve a big expense of energy or seem fancy to others. It could be reading, gardening, quiet family time, shared walks, swimming or purposeful resting.

the kindness I’ve encountered here is precious: just like this beautiful bouquet gifted by my sistren, Ira and made by another sweet sis. I’ll soon introduce you to them both on the blog. The florist one lives a few houses away from where I’m staying here and owns a lovely shop in town.

more sweet treats from the baking neighbour

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