The Germany Journey – Singing In An Art Garden & A Visit To A Florist

Though it’s the third time I’ve been to Germany, this is the first toss staying in a forest. Amidst a humanly un-countable amount of trees (confirmed by the drone flown), deer, wild pigs and wolves nowhere (yet) in sight, there’s plenty of time for reflection and observation of the beauty of creation.

What started out as a visit to new friends blossomed into a singing assignment in a picture-perfect art garden and a visit to a florist (who’s also a neighbour here.) Those two are the highlights of this post, and yes – pics are included.

If you could do with a good dose of visual medicine and something to literally brighten your day, have a read or scroll through the kaleidoscope of colours coming up.

I should mention here that though I grow food, flowers are not my speciality so no clue what any of these are called. If you recognize any as you scroll through, please feel free to sound your voice and share your insight in the comments. That would be helpful (thanks in advance.)

Flowers from my sweet sistren Ira‘s garden. A big thanks to her and her husband for the warm welcome into their happy home.
Lore Keramik in Baruth

A tour of the art garden that is home to Lore Keramik starts with opening a huge door along a quaint street in Baruth. Once that door is open, a visual adventure begins leading visitors through a narrow lobby decorated with fragrant flowers, a bee layden vine and past a fresh water fish-filled pond then a mini bathing pool…and eventually into an open plan garden beaming with a multitude of colours.

Lore greeting the audience

The owner of the property, a gifted ceramic artist named, Lore is a bright light with a warm, welcoming nature and a smile set to high beam. I was invited to sing some original songs (soon on the way to your ears) backed by Jah Lion Band for a special event last weekend – a joint outdoor art exhibition featuring Lore’s ceramics and exceptional paintings by my friend, Ira‘s husband, Emerson – a brilliant visual artist from Dominica (Waitukubuli.)

Garden tour in a break between singing

The art event went really well. In all, about 100 people came by that day to walk through the garden decorated with art, sit with loved ones to take in the music and sip soup with other refreshments.

a fresh water pond

colours, textures, fragrances
the outdoor stage for the big event

(Flowers at Lore Keramik.) Anyone know what these are called? If so, please share in the comments.
Lore Keramik (garden)

A Visit To The Florist

Marlies is a florist who happens to be one of the few neighbours here in the forest. She’s also the one who made the connection for our music session in the art garden. After the event, I wanted to visit her flower shop so sistren, Ira and I took a drive there. Here’s a virtual mini tour of Blumen & Floristik. If or when you go to Baruth, and you’re looking for floral decorations for any occassion or a bouquet for that special someone, make sure and visit her shop.

Blumen & Floristik
Blumen & Floristik shop in Baruth
Blumen & Floristik
Perfect place for a home decor fan

Well, I hope you enjoyed the visuals and intros to these 3 lovely ladies (Ira, Marlies and Lore) in Baruth who have a gift for gardening, a way with flower designing and a knack for making others feel welcome with their bright smiles.

Celebrate a sister today.

with Marlies at Lore Keramik art event

A beautiful bouquet gifted from Ira and made by Marlies.

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