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Recently, I saw someone’s comment on social media about ‘when fresh air was free.’ Fresh air is still free, and in these times when freedom of choice is suddenly up for debate while rights are selectively being granted to others, every opportunity to breathe clean air, stretch your legs and enjoy scenery or go for a nature walk or country drive is something to be thankful for.

On that note, today’s post is a photo tour of a short trip to Wales – with views from the cliff above Pobbles Beach to be exact.

This makes the 31st destination (countries and islands) I’ve been to, and though it was ‘only’ a few hours long, it was nice and memorable enough to share with you through some pics in case you want to see for yourself.

it’s a good walk and climb down to get to Pobbles Beach from the clifftop.
started on this trail first & found a l’il cave with 2 rock ‘seats’ – decent shelter from the rain if you ever need to know.

It was a couple hours drive (close to 3) to Wales then a refreshing walk across the clifftop.

Seagulls surfed on gusts of wind in the sky while the waves of the sea danced below. Hiking couples and small families passed by, making their way along various trails or back to the carpark to one of the few shops and delis.

those seagulls I mentioned (not the white and smoky grey ones you see a lot in England)
a cute pair making their way along a trail
Pobbles Beach (Wales) is around the curve of this cliff. Views like this remind me of the south-east coast of Barbados (where I was born and raised.)
Even though it looks cloudy, the sun was beaming through bright as ever every now and then.
Along the green, you’ll find blackberry bushes and hear skylarks singing sweetly
Got these Welshcakes at Pennard Stores, and had 2 (toasted with butter) for breakfast the next morning. Yum. In case you’re wondering, they taste kinda like a mixture of a cookie and a pancake with raisins and something called sultanas inside. Savoury with sweet accents. Thanks for the bright customer service to the girl in the ice cream shop and dude in Pennard Stores.
Welsh cake with butter. If you wanna toast yours, it’s a bit of an art to get them out in tact so maybe try a few mins. in a toaster oven

Traveling at this time can be a bit tedious and I wouldn’t put it at the top of the list of things to do right now, but please don’t live like a hostage or buy into the theory that fresh air isn’t ‘free.’ Are you (set) free?

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