15 Fundamental Things To Have And Keep In Your Kitchen & or Outdoor Cooking Space (For Times Like These)

Though it may always not feel like it, we are all being given a chance to learn how to be more vigilant, resourceful, frugal and thankful in these times.

When the alphabet shopping system rolled out in Barbados last year (2020), we were officially designated one or two days within a window of time to do weekly groceries, according to the first letter of your last name. Yes, that was an actual thing and you weren’t supposed to be out of your house or property outside of those specific hours on those set days. It became obvious that being clear and meticulous about choosing items on your shopping list with each trip, was important. 

While there was a constant cry by the gov for everyone to shop in bulk, there was little or no consideration for those who had to walk to stores then carry as many bags as possible in the hot sun all the way home. At the time, some village shops were still (legally allowed to be) open so if you needed a few things in between or had forgotten something, you could still top-up till your next supermarket shopping day, but still. 

In today’s post we’re concentrating on fundamental supplies (food and otherwise) that can translate into many meals over a number of days. If you’re into natural home and skin care, some of the things on your edible shopping list come in handy as ingredients in your DIY treatments too, so that’s another bonus. Let’s get to those 15 Fundamental Things To Have And Keep In Your Kitchen or Outdoor Cooking Space:

  • Clean Water (Running/bottled)
  • Oils (from cooking to hair/skin care and pure essential)
  • Peas & Beans
  • Salt, Spices & sweetener
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Ground Provisions
  • Oats
  • Seeds & soil 
  • Rice
  • Flour
  • Something To Cook In
  • Something To Cook On
  • Something To Cook With/Eat Out Of
  • Cleaning agent 

Other additions might look like a store-bought multivitamin while for some, things like moringa seeds, coconut jelly, fresh herbs, ginger root, and daily spices serve as nutrients in that department. You may not want to compromise quality (of food) for quantity but don’t let culinary pickiness cause you to starve in trying times.

Nutrition & Natural ‘Medicine’

The seeds and soil can come in handy for growing your own food at home, but unfortunately it’s climate specific and ultimately involves a season of planting then waiting till harvest.

Bonus item: a good attitude. We can have a multitude of things on our shopping list, in our cupboard and on our plate but not one of them guarantees a grateful heart.

Having groceries doesn’t guarantee security even if it makes us feel relieved for a time in a sense; even if your fridge is on empty right now, faith is a fuel that can translate into unforeseen yet expected provision that goes way beyond food. That’s a whole other post.

Though we’re itemizing fundamental things to have and keep in your kitchen, I encourage you (while reminding myself) not to live with an attitude of lack no matter what the season looks like or media says.

Anything else you can think of to add to the list?

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2 thoughts on “15 Fundamental Things To Have And Keep In Your Kitchen & or Outdoor Cooking Space (For Times Like These)

    1. That was somethin’ else to experience. And so true, we all do from time to time. I’m thankful for the reminders you share on your blog too. Have a light rest of the day and thanks for coming by.

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