5 Salad Ideas For Healthy and Light yet Filling Lunches

Anyone else have days when you want to eat something light, fresh, healthy and (mostly) un-cooked for lunch? Salads can make light yet filling lunches and be more than a miscellaneous colourful addition to a hot meal, tucked away at the side of a plate. With a little innovation, adding different combinations of flavours, textures, spices and toppings can make them versatile and unique especially when you put them on repeat.

Today’s post shares 5 salad ideas plus a shortlist of toppings, spices and oils that harmonize well with them. For the most part, the ingredients are raw, as in fresh – but at times, adding some slightly-sauteed spinach, okra or mushrooms can be the flavour accent that makes the salad even more filling.

Salads can be fun to make and both delicious and nutritious to enjoy. The pics coming up are ital/vegan friendly recipes but of course, you can add whatever ‘floats your boat’ and suits your taste. Check out the other additions (adding a pic as an example) you can try if you like.

What are the first 3 ingredients that come to mind when you think of ‘salad?’ For some, salads = a bed of tasteless greenery, but that isn’t or doesn’t have to be the case. Even if you do start with a grassy-looking setting, you can add accents you like that are:

  • pickled (veggies like cucumbers or olives)
  • boiled (eggs, okra, corn or provisions like breadfruit, sweet potato, english potato)
  • sautéed (like spinach, broccoli, mushrooms)
  • fried (tofu, eggs, veggie burger bits)
  • stewed (black beans, channa, lentils)
  • canned (corn, beans, tuna)
fresh salad with mixed lettuce, 1/2 pod crushed (raw) garlic, 1/4 sliced purple onion, hemp seeds, diced chili peppe, olives, fresh parsley, tomato from the garden, some tasty organic Herbamare salt, a scoop of hummus, a splash of lemon and dash of paprika
a delicious and wholesome salad – a spoonful of hummus on a bed of mixed leafy greens, sautéed spinach & purple onions, unsalted cashew nuts, mixed olives with garlic & chili, chia seeds – all sprinkled with herbed salt
mixed leaf salad, tomato, feta cheese, olives, hummus – all drizzled with pure olive oil and chia seeds
zaboca/avocado, lettuce, watercress, 1 sliced carrot, tomato chunks, spinach, hummus – all sprinkled with herbed salt and black pepper
Mixed leaf salad (lettuce, spinach and watercress) with diced tomato and olives, smooshed with hummus and sprinkled with pine nuts, herbamare salt and mixed herbs
Bonus pic: lettuce, cabbage, pickled cucumber, sweet pepper, celery, tomato and cheddar cheese

Oils to drizzle – extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, (a little) pure coconut oil

Spices to spinkle – black pepper, turmeric, paprika.

Splashes: Lime, lemon, balsamic vinegar

an idea for a more brunch type salad

Along with getting key nutrients from those leafy greens, salads can be refreshing, full of flavours for your palette and when topped with spices – great for the immune system and skin. Replacing a heavy, starchy meal with a light yet filling wholesome salad (while making sure to drink plenty of clean water) on a regular basis can help us trim down resilient pudge and have healthier brighter skin.

PLEASE NOTE: The info in this blog post is shared from my personal salad repertoire as a homecook, home gardener and lifelong enjoyer of fresh food. I am not a doctor, nutritionist or health professional so if in doubt about what to use and how much, or you are using any kind of prescription medication, or enduring any kind of illness, or have any allergies where nuts or spices are concerned please check with a certified health professional before deciding on quantities of spices and types of oils to use and use good common sense. Other than that, leafy greens, organic produce, and home grown food are free for all.

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