Autumn Visit To Kew Gardens | London | Photo tour

Recently, I had the chance to visit Kew Gardens, home to the largest temperate greenhouse in the world – located in London. After a few peaceful yet stimulating hours of strolling through beautiful gardens, walking amidst huge and textured trees, birdwatching by a pond, visiting the Marianne North art exhibition, taking pics during purposeful pauses, and having a look in the garden store, we had only explored a little under one third of the 330 acres that makes up Kew Gardens.

Ironically, I didn’t go to ‘The Temperate House’ (this time) ’cause there was a slow-moving ‘congaline’ to get to the entrance, but since a lot of what’s inside is planted in my memory from everyday life in The Caribbean that wasn’t a big deal and we still went to ‘The Palm House.’

Kew Gardens has a lot to offer anyone who enjoys:

  • fresh air amidst creation
  • a good walk
  • spectacular greenery
  • floral scenery
  • a therapeutic and relaxing atmosphere
  • birdwatching (mostly members of the goose family, gulls, coots, blackbirds, parakeets, robins, jays and pigeons from what I saw that day)
  • observing carp swim around the pond
  • a family-friendly setting
  • exceptional nature-themed visual art
  • the privilege of inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth freely – without harassment.

Here’s a photo tour that hopefully inspires deep breaths, calm thoughts and a future visit…

Huge trees all around the 330 acre property
Beautiful greenery and scenery
In the conservatory
Lilly pond
Beautiful crocuses lining the grass

Autumn is here
The queue at Kew for the temperate greenhouse
one goose trying to stop another from joining
a coot about to hop scotch over a carp
carp swimming in abundance
otherwise known as ‘prayer plant’
in the aloe section
by the pond

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