10 Healthy Herbal Tea Tonics

If ‘cosy‘ had a playlist, hot drinks would be somewhere near #1.

A nice hot drink harmonizes sweetly with things like reading, writing or having a good reasoning. Along with being helpful for digestion and relaxation, herbal drinks are fragrantly medicinal for the olfactory system -basically, our sense of smell. That, plus whatever health benefits the herb, flower, fruit or root has is yet another reason to drink tea.

Like how inhaling the sweet aroma of a fragrant flower can influence our mood for the better, the same goes for breathing in the nutritious properties of whatever herb we’re taking in through tea. Even warm/hot (clean) water on its own is known to help the nervous system function better and with hydration, to alleviate constipation, detoxification and much more.

Before we get into those 10 healthy herbal tea ideas to steep and enjoy on a chilly day, a light but necessary reminder that I’m not a doctor or nutritionist so please find out what suits you best and in what dosage with regards to your health. No one (to my knowledge) has ever overdosed on a natural herb but common sense, allergies and moderation still apply.

Drinking herbal teas, eating certain tree leaves/petals, chewing or steeping some roots and ingesting oils (like castor, coconut, shark, cod liver, olive…) was a standard part of my life coming from and growing up in The Caribbean. On a hot day, hot drinks and soup are still a thing for some and they eventually cool you off even when the sun’s pelting down. so I’m sharing this post based on that lifelong journey plus insight as a former importer of loose teas and essential oils. To meet real tea-pros and the owners of a TeaHouse in Barbados check this post here.

methi/fenugreek, lemon and cinnamon (before straining)
Rosemary – may help skin, hair, brain and more
Ginger root + ginger tea (bag), manuka honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon
herb tea
blueberry tea
lemon tea with a hint of black pepper (best first thing in the morning. For the singers in the house, not just before singing or you’ll be parched after.)

Ever wonder why so many writers love hot drinks, whether it’s tea or coffee? Well, I was thinking about it recently and think it’s because they pair so well since they pace so well together. You can chug a glass of water or moderately race down a smoothie, but for obvious reasons, we don’t do the same with hot drinks. It’s such a cosy feeling…reading a book, writing something, outlining a project or working on a blog post with a hot drink resting beside you and the sweet aroma of whatever’s in your cup floating up into the atmosphere.

a few sprigs of time, slices of ginger root & a 100% natural ‘Dalgety’ ginger tea bag

With every sip, we inhale the medicinal properties of whatever is in our cup or mug…and that matters. If you’re skeptical about how various smells can influence our mood (and in turn behaviour) in the moment, pay attention to your thoughts, facial expression and state of mind the next time you find yourself driving behind or walking beside a garbage truck. No offense to any sanitation workers intended at all (you are valued and we’re thankful for you.)

If you have challenges relaxing, focusing, getting a good night’s rest, detoxing or breathing clearly at times, how about trying a healthy herbal tea from this list or do some research about herb and flavour combinations to suit you.

Sipping tea can be sweet whether enjoyed solo or together with others, but it’s more than that; it’s also a therapeutic journey using water, flowers, herbs, leaves and roots purposely placed on the earth for us to enjoy while addressing any ailments that need attention and nourishment. How sweet is that!

Next time you sip a herbal hot drink, remember to take in the fragrant aroma and properties of what’s in your cup.

it’s not tea but it’s hot & cosy still – a cup of coffee. Bonus pic.

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