‘Crying Out’ | The Song, Music Video and Call

“Breaking news every day / could give you the blues / oh, the pain. Through it all, we must pray, keep the faith because love never fails, no / So many aching hearts / so many struggle with pain from the past, don’t you worry / It’s not gonna last / Only love will live on and on…they’re “Crying Out.”

A Reality Shock production.

Crying Out” is on the “Wake Up Call” EP available on all digital platforms and right here

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Hi sister, if you're called to purposefully reset the pace and volume of your life for the better or start your own blog, there's plenty of steps, resources and inspiration here. Join songwriter, singer, homecook and publishing entrepreneur Indra from Barbados - a former nature tour guide, frequent flyer, library manager and volunteer farmer. Subscribe to this online labour or love that's also one of the leading 'Caribbean Lifestyle Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2022' by FeedSpot for refreshing reminders, freedom songs, real life nature adventures, tropical recipes and encouragement along the way.

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