When Abnormal Is Defined As ‘Normal’ | An Observation

Minutes before midday on December 11th (a few days ago), I was sharing another revelation I had recently of the people in the world being prepared for some morphing into otherworldly beings through events and groups like ‘Trek*ies,’ ‘C*micon,’ An*mecon, the Sn*pChat animal features photos, other avatar/cartoon face simulations and more. Dress rehearsals and test-runs for future events and whether some grown adults do them to escape reality they take it seriously when ‘in character.’

Within 15 minutes of that conversation, a man dressed as ‘Superman’ (red flowing cape and all) jogged by us and rows of cars on a busy commercial street – ‘normal’ as ever without any evident reaction from drivers.

Within 3 minutes after that I noticed a type of car I hadn’t seen before. The make was “hybrid.”

Just like ‘grooming’ is an actual thing, and marketing involves extensive research, so do test-runs evaluate people’s reactions until…

Please be observant.

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