Birdwatching By The River | Swans, Seagulls, Pigeons, Ducks & A Goose (VIDEO)

What’s everyday scenery for somebody is a sight to see for another. The first time I ever saw a swan in real life is this year and I’ve been walking by and observing them, the geese and ducks almost every day since.

Moments like these are so peaceful, even amidst the ‘potta’ of the world.

Even among the birds there are sometimes pockets of tension, moments of correction and downright squabbles or wing wars yet they enjoy peaceful gatherings in between some relaxing in pairs, families and small groups from time to time. In the late evening, most go their own way in their friendly feathered groups with a few cormorants and Egyptian geese in the mix.

cygnets and curious ducks.
a swan pruning by itself

It’s relaxing and educational with a few laughs in between…watching the beautiful swans glide across the water, the seagulls ‘doin’ de dog’ fuh a piece of bread, pigeons cooing and liming on a nearby roof in between flying circle drills, ducks in the mix or cruising by, and that one goose in the photo who left the others further up the river.

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