A New Song & A Musical Note

“O I know my calling, yes I know my duty

He doh have to pay me to sign up an’ join His army

He has got the power to save and set you free, bring us joy an’ comfort for eternity, yeah…

I am a souljah fightin’ for Jah Jah | yes, He will protect me from my enemies

Jah army, let us go forward | Jah army, mek we go onward…

Through my journey in life, he has always been around. In my darkest of days, He gimme light and a new song

From the time I was a child and even on those days I strayed

He was dey with me from then til this very very day…”

All music has a message

And songs are like food

So watch what you eat

And make sure that it’s good

Just like with ‘real’ food, i wasn’t always a good homecook but for awhile now and from now i hope and pray to write and deliver songs of freedom and not distraction.

Music is powerful. It can bring comfort and nourishment, it can put people to sleep, it can put some under a spell, cause some to spiral, usher ones to idols, trigger or incite them to do this or that. It can also wake them up and share reminders that there’s a purpose for each of our lives.

Our minds eat too. Let’s watch what we eat.

See ya, and thanks for being here. Your support means SO MUCH and I’m thankful.

More music on the way! Meanwhile, check out the music page (with videos) right here when you have a chance and click subscribe (on the right) to find out firsthand when new posts and songs are released.

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