“Lily & Luca’s Adventure In Bridgetown” | Meet Stacey Welch of Gabcey Productions

Wholesome educational books for the younger generation stand out like a safe house in a snow storm these days and today’s post features just that. Gabriel and Stacey Welch of Gabcey Productions are the writers and publishers of the ‘Lily And Luca” adventure series, which features two books in two languages (English and French) so far.

The most recent publication by the joyfully married couple, “Lily & Luca’s Adventure in Bridgetown” is designed to educate children on the sites and places of interest in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean. It’s a 38-page colourful storybook with interactive worksheets that tells of a summer visit to the island where Lily and Luca went sightseeing in the capital.

Stacey and I were on a video call the other day and recorded the conversation for y’all. I asked her questions like:

  • What inspired you and Gabriel to write a book, and a book for children?
  • What has been the brightest highlight and the biggest challenge?
  • Can you share a bit about your writing process plus any words of encouragement for aspiring writers?
  • How do you manage your writing time as a full-time teacher, and do you have a favorite place to write?
  • How was the teamwork and editing process with Gabriel as illustrator and Stacey as writer (for this 2nd book)?
  • Where can people buy your book in stores and online?

Here’s what she shared:

We never thought that we were going to write a book. We had started years ago, but it’s only in this season everything just flowed. The first book, my husband and I both wrote and the second, he did all the illustrations and I did the writing. Gabriel needs his quiet time when he is working so I give him his space. He brings the drawings, then I begin to write the story. I write based on what I see. I am a visual writer. I’ve never done anything like this before so it had to be God.”

Published by Gacbey Productions

Purchase your copy of “Lily And Luca’s Adventure In Bridgetown” here

Find them on Instagram here

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