Testing Out My New Duronic Slow Juicer JE2 | Product Review | Green Juice Recipe

The new Duronic Slow Juicer arrived and I thought I’d share a short review of it. Since the first green juice post is a crowd favourite here on the blog, there’s a recipe for another blend in this post too. I was advised to get a slow-pressed juicer rather than a conventional one because it crushes the fruit or veg rather than shredding it which makes the juice last longer. It doesn’t separate as quickly and it’s more effective for juicing leafy greens.

Duronic Slow Juicer JE2 | Review


  • The look – visually, it’s simple but not dinky and not clunky, but neat. 
  • It’s lightweight so easy to move around.
  • It has straightforward button instructions and comes with the reverse option as a first resort in case anything gets stuck.
  • It’s reasonably priced; mine is second hand in very good condition. Looks like it was never used.
  • Once you line up the arrows in the middle netted casing, the Duronic Slow Juicer JE2 is easy to assemble and it’s also easy to clean.
  • It works. 


  • Tough roots or whole leafy greens like ginger and kale can block the nozzle where the fibre comes out, so it’s best to cut them in smaller chunks before putting into the juicer.
  • Because it got backed-up, chunks had to strained out before drinking.
  • The Duronic Slow Juicer JE2 isn’t as strong as higher-end slow juicers when it comes to breaking down more fibrous foods and sometimes it labour a bit on the bigger pieces.
  • The entry nozzle is smaller so you have to cut the fruit and veg chunks into smaller pieces (more prep work and time.)

For this green juice, we used:

5 gala apples

A bag of kale

6 cucumbers

1 lemon

1 hand-sized ginger root

Green juice is good for: weight loss, detoxing, as an all-natural tonic when fasting along with many other health benefits. (Can result in healthier skin.)

To juice a fresh fruit and vegetable yourself is far superior to anything available on the supermarket shelf. Usually what you find in the stores is either concentrated, pasteurized or contains other additives or preservatives, so the product is compromised in the process basically leaving sugar and water.  

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