A Cabin In The Countryside of Barbados | Talking Trees | AirBnb Review | VLOG

Sweet sunrises

Birdsong melodies

Lush greenery

Beautiful scenery

Daily rain showers

Refreshing breeze

At Talking Trees – a comfy, cosy cabin in the countryside of Barbados. 

I used to live in a village near here for years, but this particular part of “the farmers’ parish” in the countryside of the island where my sistren Angie’s house is, offers a spectacular panoramic view of banana groves, coconut and paw paw trees, and assorted greenery with the south-east sea as a backdrop. 

As I write this, the standard bajan bird choir is sounding their voices as they do their thing through and in the trees, with a * sparky popping in the two-storey cabin asking for breadcrumbs every now and then. * sparrow

The drive here was therapeutic and a bit nostalgic since I used to drive and hike up and down these fields and hills several days a week not so long ago, heading for a spring bath or to the sea a little while from here. But the arrival at Talking Trees, and the absolutely-inviting and impressive rustic artistry of the property paired with its tastefully tropical decor brings you into the present and makes you feel like you’re at home, ready to embrace a stay here.

Two perfectly-placed colourful hammocks amidst a generous supply of sofas decorate the open plan house that also offers a lovely loft with a large bedroom and bathroom with a view to give thanks for. Each of the levels is outfitted with a sprawling wooden balcony overlooking a carpet of lush greenery that eventually meets the sea.

The quaint, tropically-painted kitchen has a decent supply of pots, crockery and utensils, wifi is available, the birds give free concerts daily and you can enjoy beautiful scenery and fresh breeze from either of the outdoor breakfast tables. Every now and then, reggae music drifts through the wind from a neighbour’s set in the evening; other than that it’s the wildlife sounds of the moment, intermittent rain, a passing ice cream truck on an evening or ever-dancing leaves. 

Overall, our stay was therapeutic, restful, musical, and refreshing. It’s the perfect place for people looking for a peaceful, tropical getaway with picture-perfect views.

A special thank you to Angie for the lovely stay at Talking Trees.

Book your stay at TT here

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