Natural Hair Conversation | Coily, Curly, Straight or Springy

Your hair is beautiful, sister – no matter the texture, volume, length, bounce or curl count. It was purposefully placed on you – get to know it while it’s there (knots and all.)

As you get acquainted and care for your hair, understanding what it likes and doesn’t like – what it can do and isn’t naturally designed to do you might find out it’s a lot like you. Made with a purposeful design that may look similar to many but is different from anyone else. 

Just like us, our hair responds differently to the kind of care and quality of love it receives and environment it’s in. Nourish it and watch it flourish. The thoughts we think about it matter as much as the nutrients we give it.

You’re beautiful, whether your hair is natural or otherwise…still I get a lot of comments about my hair from when it was it short twists, long locs and now open and sometimes there’s a dreamy look or mention about how they wish their hair could do this or that, but how do you know if you don’t spend time to get to know your hair as it is? Like skin and us, it likes (and needs) to breathe. 

My hair care routine isn’t the same as when it was in twists, locs, and (for a very short season early up) perm curl and straightener/relaxer. And my hair is expressing itself differently now because the treatment isn’t the same. In my travels around the map, kind words about my hair came in from people who don’t resemble me while at ‘home’ harsh ones came in from some who did. From ‘beautiful’ to ‘ugly’ to ‘soft,’ ‘hard’ ‘untidy’ ‘long’ ‘healthy’ and ‘lovely’ the hair description labels have been offered and pelted about. From being given a job offer to losing the opportunity minutes after because I politely declined to straighten my hair, it’s clear that hair and our perception of it means something.

Hateful glares, appreciative smiles, kind comments, curious questions and out-of-place remarks will come and go. Don’t let yourself be gutted by the opinions of others about how your hair naturally springs out of your scalp, my sister of any colour. Words can cut deep but love (not time) can heal any wound.

Get to know your hair in its natural state –  embrace it – contemplate it. How do you honestly feel about your hair and is there any unhealthy thought that’s triggering an unhealthy pattern? Whether your hair is bone straight, slightly or tightly-curled, it was customised for you, even if you’ve changed the way it expresses itself. None of us was born with makeup, perming things, piercings or relaxer yet love and beauty are inherently in the way we were purposefully designed. It doesn’t mean we love ourselves any less when we edit these things but in the deepest part of our hearts lingers some…thing – some thought that triggers us to edit anything. By the way, if you have edited your hair, it’s not my place to judge you (once upon a time I did too) – this is meant to encourage you if you recognise any insecurities about how your hair naturally grows and want some inspiration to overcome them…because you can.

I’ve worn my hair natural most (not all) of my life and am still learning things to do more and less of to properly care for it. As a girl, I used to put a towel on my head and swoosh it around like it was mine but over time learned to accept, embrace and be thankful for how my curls were purposely designed.

Sometimes you give your hair the same treatment and get different results but as long as it stays on, you get to try again. Because naturally curly hair involves a lot of time to tend to on wash days, I’ve learned to purposefully carve out the time it takes to take care of it. Every roll of the eye, frustrated sigh and abrasive thought translates into the type of treatment we give it and its expression in response to our mindset and attitude.

Wash days have inspired me to be more patient and gentle with the process…when you think about it, that’s how we would like others to be with us. Patient, gentle, loving and caring, not sloppy, rough and reckless.

Maybe your hair (like mine) has been through a lot…yet still it’s here. So while we have hair, let’s see what we have here. Someday when you’re inspired, get acquainted with your hair – as is – without any additives. Hair needs attention and depending on how ours is, different degrees of it.

Treat it with tender love and extra care. You might be sweetly surprised how both you and your hair grow. 

How’s your hair care regime now? I’m hosting an online natural hair-care group class in July (2022.) Come join us as we go through key curly-care steps and get beyond any challenges you might be facing in real-time. I’ll share tea tonics, recommended oils and treatments using fruits, herbs and humectants from the garden, kitchen or farm, natural hair growth stimulating techniques, easy-to-do style ideas and doable tips that don’t take a lot of time but reap good results.

You don’t need to spend a whole set of money constantly to grow or care for your naturally curly hair and when we re-frame our mind, hair—care becomes a natural part of our livity (lifestyle) – not an inconvenience but something necessary and beautiful to tend to. Send me a message at to book your space and step up your naturally curly hair-care routine today. 

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