Beach Culture In Barbados & Beyond | A Visit To AcTioN Island & Conversation with Brian Talma, International Surfer from The Caribbean

When an artist launches a career without comprising the essence of who they are, it becomes something beyond a business; it’s a way of life. That was clear as we walked through the open entrance and were met with the sun-bronzed back of Brian Talma watching the waves while waiting for us to arrive. In the background was a football match with teens from the area and a small outdoor ‘lime’ under a shed with some elders enjoying the day.

We were met with the signature smile of deAction Man, and soon the two men started talking about footage, lighting and different kinds of surfing while I strolled around the property taking pictures and deep breaths with the breeze on my face.

Brian Talma

This blog post wasn’t scheduled to be the main fruit of the visit. It was organically inspired by the nature of the conversation which naturally flowed from “beach culture” to Barbados, organic tourism, having a vision, believing in yourself, building community, authenticity and perseverance.

Brian walked us through pages of his journey sharing his lifelong love for the ocean and home country every step of the way. Talma is a real down-to-earth celebrity with a love for his family and heart for community, who started surfing as a child with first memories of riding waves on his dad’s back at 6.

“A lady came here 40 years ago. She taught me to windsurf; her and her husband.” Talma’s passion and zest for surfing continued growing and eventually blossomed into a booming business with international reach that was launched from a beach in Barbados. 


In 1988, he represented his homeland at South Korea Olympics and again in the 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona, Spain with another of many highlights being finishing 3rd in the Hawaii Break Out. deActionMan also won the Barbados World Cup windsurfing events in both 1993 and 1994 and has been featured among the Top 10 several times in competitions. Brian was given the Barbados Service Star by the Government in recognition of his promotion of windsurfing and the island, and later on also introduced SUPing to Barbados in 2005.

deAction Man is skilled at Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing, and most recently, the trending Wing Surfing / Wing Foiling.

“Beach culture is heavy business; all the hotels now understand. When I built here, I focused on the vision and traveled all over the world, and I made sure it would be about bajan beach culture.

Authentic is important. Keep it authentic and it sells. 

I’m sponsored by a brand – Naish, and spend a lot of time in Hawaii. As a pro athlete , even when I wasn’t winning I could still go on a tour and get on stages and talk. Travel has always been a part of my life and a big part of my life is right here in Barbados. 20 years ago, the organic tourism project was not what it is now. I made sure it involved the community.

Beach culture is a lifestyle. We promote communities surrounding surf breaks.”

De AcTioN Island

de AcTioN Grill & Bar and Apartments also features Talma’s visual art, which is vibrant, tropical, and everywhere – naturally harmonising with the essence of beach culture. 

AcTioN Island offers 3 ocean-view rooms for short-term rental: two 2 bedrooms and a 1 bedroom, along with surfboard rentals and lessons.

“This place – de AcTioN was a vision. I came and built, painted and put all the positive energy to get it done. As a professional athlete I created my own niche:

  • beach culture
  • beach culture music 
  • beach culture art 
  • beach culture world tour

“I won World Cups on this (same) beach, and it took a lot of work building all of this but here we are now. I strongly believe without a doubt, that if you go away and show these sports and this lifestyle, they will see the value. This is the Formula 1 of tourism. This spot is one of the best in the world. When MTV came here and filmed me surfing (in like ’91-’92) they said I could use any music I wanted for the project so I started creating music that reflects what we do here. The beach culture is to blend it all – authentically.”

The fact that Barbados has defined itself so heavily by tourism meant that the past two years brought significant specific challenges to those in the industry (along with the general public since the cost of living is higher than in most countries worldwide.) The ever-optimistic and forward-thinking aquatic entrepreneur shares, “it’s time to refresh” and gave us some insight into what’s on De AcTioN horizon. 

This is “beach culture” – it’s from Barbados and you can find it right here on AcTioN island


As a creative entrepreneur in an island that focuses mainly on academics (despite the billions generated from those industries globally), Brian has had his share of highlights and challenges and as a pro surfer he understands tides, timing, waves and seasons.

Brian Talma has toured for 15 years and created Beach Culture World Tour, riding waves around the globe and promoting his island home, Barbados all the way. He has been commissioned to tour and appear at events. Renowned brand, Naish sponsored him and he has traveled to events in Europe and beyond. 

The Barbados-born aquatic ambassador made it into the biggest windsurfing event in the world that was held in Maui, one of the many international highlights of his career.

“The vision is huge. People are like ‘who do you think you are?’ 

Creativity is when you say, ‘that’s over there and that’s over here, and this is who I am.’ Authenticity – the realness – that’s what it’s about.’ 

Brian Talma is an internationally acclaimed multi-skilled surfer, beach culture ambassador and aquatic entrepreneur, from Barbados. He is the founder of AcTioN Island, which features 3 airbnb apartments, a bar, a grill and good vibes. The colourfully-painted AcTioN Island is located at a top wind and kite surfing spot on the south coast of the island in a tight-knit community called Silver Sands. As we say here in Barbados, “Yuh cyah miss it.” Treat yourself and visit.

Read more about today’s guest and find out about an unexpected rescue and more right here. 

Fun Facts: Brian Talma’s first song, “Irie Man Action” was produced in Jamaica. His Caribbean Island Travelogue series in the ’90s chronicles adventures in Cuba, Anguilla, Jamaica, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Antigua, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago. Among other countries, he has travelled to Norway, Australia, Germany, Hawaii, The Maldives, South Africa, Austria, Turkey and the US.

Visit Brian’s website

Instagram: @briantalma

Call to book your stay or surfing adventure on AcTioN Island in Barbados: +1 246 428 2027

Naish boards

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