Aromas, Oils & A Sweet Surprise

Hi everybody, something special for you today. If you’ve been here awhile on the blog you might have seen the new link to the online shop pop up. Well, two of the sweet additions are English lavender and Ethiopian Frankincense infused in Golden jojoba oil there for you, but to get to that, first a little note about aromas and oils.

Aromas can influence our mood and state of mind. That doesn’t mean they are to have any power over our mindset and attitude in general…but they can influence a setting. Think for a second about how you feel and think while inhaling the scent of a ripe mango, roast breadfruit with butter or a channa-sweet potato-spinach-and-pumpkin roti or freshly baked bread, a fragrant flower, cup of sweet basil tea, essential oil or a good sea breeze. Hold that thought. Now, you ever walked by a garbage dump, passing truck, buck-up pun sargassum seaweed pun de beach or drove by a landfill?

Alright den.

Our olfactory system (sense of smell) and whatever it picks up influences our mood in the moment. Yes, we can adapt to many things but we still have a default reflex.

These homemade infused oils are in a labelled 10ml roller bottle so it’s real easy to apply to your wrists, neck and temples – on your pillow at night and even directly on any marks that might need evening out with something naturally nurturing and fragrant. 

I usually also put a dot under my nose to take in the sweet aroma and naturally medicinal properties that come with lavender and frankincense. There’s lots of research to find out all the benefits of pure essential oils that ultimately come from creation that was created with love for us.


100% pure organic Golden Jojoba Oil

  • Derives from the jojoba shrub

Anti-bacterial, rich in amino acids and antioxidants (vitamins A & E & Omega-6 fatty acids)

May help with collagen synthesis, improve healing of wounds, treat acne

Hydrates individual hair strands to retain moisture better, promotes hair growth & volume, may relieve dandruff & delay graying

Lavender is a calming herb and this oil blend can help clear skin from light acne scarring, be applied to the scalp directly and alleviate minor pain when applied to the area. 


  • Derives from the Boswellia tree


Skin-restoration (may reduce scars, soothe dry skin, alleviate acne and result in smoother skin)

Good for oral healthcare

May reduce arthritis, relieve asthma, have anti-cancer properties

May help boost immune system, ease anxiety, relive intense headaches, regulate women’s monthly cycle, improve sleep, strengthen respiratory system

Household cleaner

Gentle on the skin

Application : topical as roll-on applied to pressure points or on pillowcase. Do not ingest or keep within reach of children. Check with your medical professional if you have sensitive skin or other health ailments.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

P.S: Limited edition of these aromatic and holistically nourishing oils.

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