Songwriting, Traveling, Recording & Filming | Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and U.K

Blessed day, beautiful people. So, I’ve been sharing a lot of recipes and nature adventures here on the blog but I’m almost always also cooking something musical, and it’s time to share some of that fruit more regularly here. Some more highlights are on the way, although being able to do what you love and were called to do is a highlight on its own. Sonic seeds planted, watered and cared for are about to bear fruit and go to market, so this post and more to come are gonna share behind-the-scenes moments and new releases with you who’ve been here all along or are now joining the journey.

Songwriting and blogging use different muscles in a sense although writing is at the root of both of them. Some posts are hard to start and some songs of freedom spring from tears of compassion. To write or sing every thought that comes to mind when observing this world would leave me rinsed out and in a pool of tears, so at times it’s lighter to write a post on quiet time in the morning or even a more pressing one like preserving the breadfruits in Barbados after writing and recording a song about the times that are here and the ones to come. Today’s post shares a photo tour of recent moments in Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and now, the U.K.


In September, a musical sister who also happens to be a cousin, Onika Best and I sang at The Love Hut, a beautiful green gardened space in Eden Lodge owned and lovingly cared for by a sistren named Sophia. That night was so blessed. Through the years, Onika and I have rolled up at different places – her on drum and me on guitar. We have had countless reasonings on life and music, shared the stage at i-Queen, represented Barbados at W.O.M.E.X music expo in Copenhagen (Denmark), sung solo at the Bequia Music Festival and drummed and strummed in her family’s yard nuff times. She’s also been a guest on the blog here and here. After The Love Hut event, it was more songwriting and recording in my lil home studio plus packing for…


Next was Sweet Jamaica again to finish recording an album with the legendary Rory StoneLove (a musical brother) that started in 2009 or somewhere between then and 2012. Patience and endurance are – by grace some things the most High has embedded in me especially in music and life. This album featuring “Journey” that most UK sound systems heard and supported, is filled with messages for this time – some tunes like certain foods get richer in flavour the more they marinate. So that project’s on the horizon.

A few lyrics from one to give you a preview:

Most High come to the rescue

Every single day we need You ever more

Come come to the rescue

What is going on all around

Prices going up while the values going down

No consideration for the poor

What a condition – imbalanced for sure now

You have been called to the kingdom

Firm is your foundation

Royal in ya lineage

What a blessed nation…” ~ “TO THE RESCUE

Trinidad & Tobago

After overnighting with friends-like-family in my mother’s homeland Trinidad & Tobago sharing good conversation over delicious doubles, it was a few days in Barbados who welcomed their citizen with a mandatory test and mask order. Thankfully, there was time for a beach day in between packing for…


Filmed a WAVZ Session for Swiss record label, Evidence Music at Culture Mix a few days ago while getting ready to release an album produced by Kris Kemist of Reality Shock Records. A big thanks to Mary, Nathifa, and Paul (‘Junior’) for the warm welcome again.

WAVZ session for Swiss label, Evidence Music “TEARS THEY FALL” on Bob Marley’s “Heathen (Back Dey Pon De Wall)” riddim – out on October 18th, 2022 | YouTube and Instagram

Filming at Culture Mix in the U.K

What a state 

This place it is suffering yeah 

But the word shall live on forevermore

Many souls out of control and many more going astray 

But the meek shall inherit the earth for sure 

Don’t you fret when wicked ones it seeming like they reign

Many have no conscience just some money and no brain

Some are seeking fame

But one day everybody gonna call on the Most High name 

Now dem saying good evil and they calling evil good

Betta put ya armour like the book it says we should 

I could go on and on but the tears will start to fall…

~ TEARS THEY FALL | on Bob Marley’s “Heathen” (Back Dey Pon De Wall) riddim

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