“Plant Up The Land” | Farming Conversation & New Song

Growing food is a beautiful thing. Being in creation listening to the birds singing while you water or plant something, working with your hands in the soil, tending the plants and watching them spring up and turn into food is amazing.

Why grow food?

Aside from the global ‘timeouts’, fluctuating curfews, cost of living in Bim, inflation, famine & food shortage warnings, ‘decaying of the dollar’, outdoor situations, public transportation challenges and the constant quest to find legit organic produce that all make venturing outside a lot less appealing in this season, gardening is healthy for the mind and physical movement and (at some point) our meals. It’s strength training on a lot of levels and can help us develop a heightened sense of patience, proactivity and thankfulness. Get some steps to start growing food at home here.

The fact that fruits, veg and provisions come with seeds or stalks that you can plant again is yet another miracle. Farming and gardening is hard work…it’s also refreshing, energising, peaceful, muscle-building, therapeutic and educational. You learn to be more patient yet still vigilant and when you make a meal with what you grow, it’s a beautiful feeling that’s hard to put into words…but here it is in a song I wrote called “Plant Up The Land.”


Plant Up The Land from the upcoming album “Kingdom Call” produced by Kris Kemist of Reality Shock Records is now available here.

Thanks for your support; it means alot.

Buy “Plant Up The Land” on bandcamp

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