Setting Your Writing Rhythm For Your Book Or Blog | Printable

It can seem a bit overwhelming at first :

  • mapping out a book or starting a blog
  • working on it consistently or posting continually (even seasonally; it’s alright to take a break when you need to)
  • designing and producing content for it
  • editing and more editing
  • learning and navigating the backend of your site
  • sharing links to introduce and promote it
  • keeping it active online and pressing repeat on all that

but you don’t have to know every – single – thing about the entire journey to take a series of steps forward. Procrastination, temptation to compare, intimidation, insecurities, being out-down, flashbacks of former fails and feelings of being overwhelmed by tech can tug at any of us and stir up subconscious self-sabotage. Enemy tactics, so resist them and press forward.

Everyone started somewhere, so take the pressure off and start moving and growing forward. That can look like journaling for yourself before typing to share with anybody else. If so, here’s a post about that. Onto some questions to think about that will brush out any fears from the walls of your mind so they can’t hide or camouflage as anything else – all so you can do some honest self-evaluation to remembers your readers rather than feed any fears about your writing.

One thing I’ve realised after writing over 100 songs, 300+ posts here on the blog and a handful of books is that pace and volume of a writer’s life matter – a lot. And if writing or blogging is a part of your livelihood you’re gonna take those seriously so you can work fluently for the most part…still making room for the inevitable ups, downs, ebs and flows of life. I figure pro footballers don’t really go big-hill skiing much like how it might not be the wisest thing for a full-time seamstresses to take up boxing.

Note: If the questions feel ‘too much,’ take a lil break and finish up when you can. It’s so we can dig deep to recognise and uproot any fears or habits that get in the way of fulfilling whatever you’re working on or want to complete. Your replies will be fuel for you.


What’s at the root of the message you are called to share?

Why does it matter to you?

In one line, jot down or type out the purpose of your blog or book.


List 3 things you feel strongly about and 3 of your most defining personality traits.

Who are you writing to? Who are your readers? Why?

How does your message help, encourage, educate, edify, warn or inspire?


Define it. Write it down.


How regular do you read and how often do you write? How often do you type? Do you write or type in one set place or in different ones? Is it easier to handwrite or type or do a bit of both?

Prompt: make a point to write on purpose, once a day and get acquainted with the process and feeling of that momentum.

Where do you write most or best or do you write freely most places?

Invitation: de-clutter, clean and decorate it in to start where you are and grow towards your ideal setting – do 1 thing right now like: empty the garbage bin by your desk or what you press on to write – take any stray cup or bowl to the kitchen and wash it – dust the mat off outside – adjust chair & desk and set in the most well-lit part of the room – decorate the space a little more.


What time of day do you usually write and when’s the most quiet pocket of time in your day? Do you get distracted easily?


What do you think about a lot? What concerns you and why? What solution or forward steps can you offer?


And there ya go – you just started the outline of your blog or book! 

You’re already putting in the work so take a deep breath – and go write – like right now

Feel free to print it out this form coming up so you can write down your answers in pencil each time you have a writing session.

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