Boatride On The River And A Light Reminder

Greetings, I hope things are bright on your side. A short video to share with you and a light reminder that as long as you have breath and the gift of life, there’s hope. Something can come from what looks like nothing, and a stormy season can break forth into a blue sky. Onto that boatride of the river. If you’re new here this is an intro to what you’ll find on the blog and if you’re already subscribed it’s a refresher.

Thanks for coming by today.

Its Joy Within has hundreds of posts on walks in creation, travel journeys, vegetarian recipes, reasonings and songs of freedom.

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Refreshment for the journey. Join singer, songwriter and artist, Indra from Barbados for nature walk vlogs, tropical recipes, organic artistry and travel journeys on what has grown into one of the leading 'Caribbean Lifestyle Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2022' by FeedSpot reaching readers in more than 105 countries.

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