A Walk In A Park, Riverside Boatride, Vegetarian Cooking & Green Juice Making | VLOG

Swans, seagulls, geese, a shag bird and a frozen fountain are just some of the things you’ll see in the vlog coming up. Greetings sis, today’s post shares some easy-to-make vegetarian meals, a relaxing walk in a park, green juice making and a boatride by a river. I’ve been enjoying doing more video editing these days in between songwriting, recording and getting ready for album releases. Writing songs and blogging uses different muscles in a sense (even if the message is the same) so these vlogs help me to still be present on-a-real with you here on the blog in a way that’s refreshing, not overwhelming. That’s the essence of what Its Joy Within is about.

Everyday moments and adventures in creation will seem more and more precious as time unfolds. Life is about more than boat rides, beautiful places, food, walks and anything with an expiration date…still, the little things mean a lot…

greens, fruits and a root

Songs: “For The Brave” “Spice Tea” and “The Dawning” {Island Moon Music}

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