Encouragement In A Cold World

If you (like me) have ever been through a storm or the enemy tried to snuff you out, steal your joy, test your character, scare the stuffin’ outta you, step on your faith, drain you of hope and out your light…you already understand that redeemed time, peace of mind, fresh purpose and mercy of the Most High are precious.

As long as you have breath there’s a purpose for your life that can’t be defined by or confined to the temporary things that are measured in dollars and cents…every day is an open invitation to discover and share that perfect Love we (the clay not iron ones) are made with.

It may sound like fluff to some but that’s alright…love tends to be left by the wayside til we realise it’s the one thing that will truly survive and surpass all of us, our goals, possessions and the same environment ‘big wigs’ claims to care about as they radiate the sky and mine the land with little concern for mankind. 

If we have all the shiny things yet no love, we have no thing. Love isn’t logical; it’s beyond that. Dissect it all you want and it still will make no sense. It’s beyond our understanding…yet woven into our DNA and perfectly fills that space we each have in our hearts until we let that Love that made us…enter, take over and overflow along our life’s walk. As the love of many waxes cold, we’ll soon realise love is worth much more than gold.


The world’s in darkness

So many searching for an answer

Some try to find-it-in-the-things of this world – hmm

It only leads to disaster

But you are made to be bright light

So walk by faith and not by sight, alright 

You may fall and get up sometimes

But that’s a part of the fight…”

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