“The Dawning” | Harmonies And Mountains (Acapella)

Harmony – “agreement, accord, an orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole. A relationship in which various components exist together without destroying one another.” If you’ve been here for a bit you might remember this but if you’re new, sharing something I love to do and have done for countless artists – harmonies.

This one’s called “The Dawning;” here’s hoping it’s a healing something for you to listen to today. May it inspire refreshing deep breaths, stir up hope, fan faith, encourage you today or at the very least be a sweet balm in your ears.

Jura Mountains

P.S: Thanks for being here. As an indie artist (not powered by a massive music marketing machine) you tuning in here, supporting and sharing songs you like with people you love means a lot. See you in the next post and subscribe to join the journey.

Song: “The Dawning” | Artist: Indra | P.R.S Registered | (c) Island Moon Music

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