Cooking With Moringa, Harvesting Turmeric & Making Squash Soup | VLOG

Having access to real food is something to be thankful for, and growing food and cooking a meal with some or all of what you grow is a beautiful thing. Even if that looks like a few herbs in a cup on your kitchen sill, spinach or watermelon climbing up a fence or picking fruits from a nearby tree on open land, it’s a start and a step. If that’s not an option where you are right now, there’s still the market, village shops or stores where real non-processed food can be found.

Today we’re in the garden picking and cooking with moringa (green) drumsticks, leaves and flowers, harvesting turmeric and making squash soup. The moringa seedlings that were growing in palettes are now towering over the house so we’re making use of the tree in today’s recipe. If you have access to moringa, even if it’s the nuts or leaf powder selling somewhere and not the tree itself, make the most of it. Moringa has over 90 protective compounds and it’s high in a host of B vitamins. Turmeric is well-known for being a potent stew, soup, juice and facial scrub ingredient that’s full of flavour and nutrients. It’s also at top of the list when it comes to natural anti-inflammatory foods and makes an effective colouring for fabric along with a few added ingredients. Onto the vlog…

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3. “Plant Up The Land” (Dub version) produced by Reality Shock Records

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