“Kingdom Call” Album Is Here + New Music Video

Blessed love and a bright new day. “Kingdom Call” album is officially here and the music video to 🕊 “So Blessed” is now on Reggaeville’s YT and tomorrow right here – both are full of encouragement for the remnant and those who could do with an uplifting message and words of life right about now. The video has some beautiful scenery from “Talking Trees” Barbados & beyond. I have to send another warm hug to my sistren Angie for sharing her serene space in the countryside that matched the message and essence of the song perfectly. Big thanks to Kris Kemist of Reality Shock Records for believing and faithfully patiently producing “Kingdom Call” and to all the talented musicians from U.K. Dominica, France, Croatia and Algeria who shared their gifts in the songs that I hope and pray will be sweetly nourishing and truly strengthening for you in these times and the ones to come. Love in abundance.

Musicians on “Kingdom Call” album Kris Kemist, Winston Williams, Ben Bell, James Brazell, Andreas Millns, Cédric Munsch, Romain Pivard, Derick Andrews, Christian Cowlin, Patrick Williamson, Wassim Rahmani, Martin Kutnar, Emerson Hypolite, Matej Mihaljevicngs and Ben LR.

Counting my blessings…every day. Walk in love and keep a clean heart, every day’s a chance to make a brand new start. Watch that pride that tries to hide sometimes. Stir up the love an’ mek it bubble and ah rise. Stay inside of the light, try to live right – walk by faith not by sight – unite. When those dark days come, keep shining ya light and just ah’ seekin’ wisdom cause you are…



Buy “Kingdom Call” album here

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