“TABLES TURNED” | Acoustic In-Studio Video

Honest self-reflection can be uncomfortable sometimes but necessary a lot…if we truly want to grow forward and beyond any unhealthy thoughts, patterns and footprints of painful pockets of time in the past, we can do the inner housecleaning it takes to walk well, live lighter and love better. It’s easy (and sometimes completely understandable) to point out the “he, she or they” who did this or that badly, wrong or recklessly…yet as we grow our healing and learning beyond whatever we faced or whoever we met matters too. 

This world can be rough and some’s hearts cold like ice and hard like concrete. The more love you show the more hate stirs up in them. Their freedom from the things that haunt them and seared conscience isn’t our business even if it’s hoped for…but our healing is. So it’s good to examine the garden of our hearts and minds, identify and uproot any resilient weeds that can stifle or suffocate good seeds’ growth, then water and tend to that freshly tilled earth with care, compassion, vigilance and most of all wisdom. I’m not an expert on this, but find that self-examination (without blame or bullying) is a part of taking care of our health beyond the physical because what’s inside will eventually overflow into our life walk. Above all, seeking the Most High in all things and not leaning on our own understanding is best if you’re like me and are still a beloved work in progress.

A year or so ago, while reflecting on life and quietly playing guitar one chilly evening in England this song sprung forth. It’s called Tables Turned and goes like this:

Tables Turned is from Kingdom Call album — now available on all online platforms and right here. Special thanks to the musicians who shared their gifts on this: Kris Kemist on guitar, Martin Kutnar on cello and Matej Mihaljevicngs on violin and viola. If this song encouraged you today share it with ones you care for.

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