The Journey Here

It was a big challenge at the time, but I was called to get purposefully quiet and start this blog in March 2013. Life went from being busy on the road in studios, rehearsals, coaching and tour-guiding to living on a farm in the countryside of Barbados songwriting, gardening, cooking, hiking, managing libraries and recording in my l’il home studio. I volunteered on another farm for a year and the time there reminded me of the importance of purpose and pace…something that was so natural not long before but was almost forgotten when the pace had picked up.

That reminder led to healthier habits, better endurance, and a fresh sense of purpose. Saving up for recording gear freed up so many hours on the road going from one studio to the next, and that one decision seemed to ‘multiply’ time that easily made room to take care of the home, grow food, ride the tides of songwriting, freelance on projects, record at any hour and show up refreshed at gigs – without racing or being rushed. Our lives might look very different – no comparison but hopefully some inspiration.

Sister, you are not an ox, workhorse or robot and life doesn’t have to look impressive to others to be a blessing. You are a living, breathing, perfectly-loved creation with a purpose that goes beyond what you have or do. Because of that, distractions are strategically placed along your path to try to steal your joy, numb discernment, press panic, get on your last nerve, challenge your faith and derail you from walking well, which none of us can do without daily help and gifted breath.

“Please don’t try to hide the beauty that’s inside you

Don’t you be ashamed of your natural nurturing nature

O sister, you have a purpose in the kingdom

True beauty is not outside, it starts within

And that light that you carry is deeper than your skin

All I’m asking is for you to know you are a gift”

Remember your beautiful design

“Don’t lose your faith

Or let dem jump over the wall or the gate of thy mind

Don’t you lose hope

As challenges they come and go

Daily we pray for the wisdom, courage and strength to endure 

One’s thing’s for sure 

Most High reign forever more…”