Vocal Coaching

Hi there, you’re taking a significant step forward to find, free and nurture your voice while breathing better. Good for you!

Whether you are busy CEO who could do with refreshing breathwork session to help relieve stress and lead calmer, or an aspiring Vocalist, full-time Artist, public Speaker/Announcer, chorale or community group, the ‘Fine-Tune‘ experience will equip you with Vocal-CARE resources plus studio prep training.

This interactive coaching series includes proven steps & tips to help you improve your singing ability, expand your vocal range, polish your phrasing, breathe better and build endurance through exercises designed to help you prepare for the studio or big stage.

A glimpse of an outdoor session. Each class begins with quiet time, breathing exercises and stretching before singing.

Here are some of the areas we’ll tend to during your online or in-person coaching journey designed to develop and strengthen your voice:

– the mechanics of the voice
– the art of listening
– diaphragmatic breathing
– pitch, phrasing
– posture & projection
– watch your tone | Vocal-CARE
– focus & diction
– lyrical interpretation and sonic rendition
– introduction to harmony
– stage prep training
vocal fitness

For in-person workshops, sessions are both in and outdoors.

Online coaching sessions are by video conferencing and you’ll also get an .mp3 of vocal and breathing exercises to do on your own beyond our sessions. (Note Our approach to breathwork addresses the body as a mechanism and is not influenced by any other system.)

With mentor, Eddy Grant who produced her first 2 albums at Blue Wave Recording Studios

In every department she ranks among the best there is, and I find no difficulty in saying…she is the best and most naturally gifted female artist to have arrived on the Caribbean scene. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the rest of the world acknowledges that the same should be said for everywhere.

Eddy Grant (C.E.O. Ice Music Ltd & Related Companies, music mentor) Ice Records Ltd.

Here’s A Digital Training Resource To Help You Care For Your Voice When You Enroll – ‘Vocal-CARE 101’ eBook

Vocal-Care 101 eBook
An easy-to-read 22 page eBook with home remedies you can find in your garden, fridge or corner shop.

Meet your Vocal Coach

She has sung for diplomats, at weddings, 5-star resorts, schools, an orphanage, music festivals, memorials, a prison concert, a hospital and charity events.

Barbados-born singer, Indra is a former background vocalist now recording artist, songwriter, guitar girl, and indie publisher. To gain more knowledge of the music business as an indie artist, Indra enrolled in ‘Music Publishing 101‘ with Berklee Online and was selected to attend expos MIDEM (France), W.S.I.S (Switzerland), WOMEX (Denmark), S.X.S.W – South by South West (Texas), and C.O.S.C.A.P’s ‘Women In Music,’ C.M.E/U.N.E.S.C.O (Jamaica.) HoneyJam Barbados names her as “one of their favourite panellists” at 2 Songwriting Workshops.

Mentored by Eddy and Anne Grant of Ice Records Ltd. and Chris Allman of Slam City Studio, the artist and indie publisher wrote 3 eBooks to help songwriters and session musicians navigate the music business and earn through their musical gifts. She has served as freelance Documentation Specialist with C.O.S.C.A.P and includes career tips in coaching workshops to help educate her clients on navigating their music journeys.

From shy creative to on-stage musician, Indra understands a lot of the challenges many upcoming artists face when it comes to overcoming nerves, singing out and stepping up to the mic, without compromising the essence of their personality and values. In 2021, she travelled to the U.K to record ‘Wake Up Call’ reggae EP with producer, Kris Kemist of Reality Shock Records. Read more

Fine-Tune‘ coaching sessions are comprehensive and interactive and designed to inspire, challenge and strengthen. Get ready to:

  •  find your voice

  • improve your breathing (benefits beyond singing)

  • expand your vocal range

  • overcome onstage nerves

  • grow from strength to strength

  • build your vocal endurance

  • develop an ear for harmonies

  • sing confidently (and sweetly) in your own signature style

Your voice

Finding and freeing your voice (on any level) can be tough, especially amidst the noise of today…but that’s no reason to suppress it, whether you express your voice through written words, beautiful melodies, speech or visual art.

As a singer and voice-over artist, breathing techniques and exercises are a core part of my regime and coaching formula to help others nurture, strengthen and share their voice.

Helping Vocalists, Speakers, Podcasters care for their voice (and health) through specific breathwork exercises is something that’s shaped the coaching side of my business into something much more meaningful, where I can serve others beyond music.

Please note: breathing exercises are based on anatomy and not on any other system.

Everyone is growing through something where deep purposeful breaths can make a big difference for the better in their life and business.


Download a registration form HERE

Indra served as Vocal Tutor for “Youth Achieving Results” programme (coordinated by the Division of Youth Affairs), The Errol Barrow Center For Creative Imagination (EBCCI) “Summer Arts” camp, Mustardseed Kids, “Teen Starz” and “Youth United Through Culture” for the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Community Empowerment, “It So Happen” musical & “Mirror Mirror – Show Me A Hero” musicals held at The Frank Collymore Hall, and she has coached several household musical names in Barbados.

Songwriting on the charts: #1 MTV Africa, #1 German reggae charts, #1 BBC 1Xtra, #5 David Rodigan’s ‘Hot Hits‘ List, #7 Billboard Reggae, B.M.A nomination for Best Inspirational/Gospel. (Member of C.O.S.C.A.P and P.R.S)

Fill out the form to get started on your coaching journey and you’ll get a prompt reply within 48 hrs or email

Indra, working with you was amazing. I signed up for vocal coaching but got so so much more. You provided a safe space where I could express myself freely and test my limits. Your energy and appreciation for life is infectious and appreciated. I encourage anyone seeking a vocal coach to call Indra.” Maria Kublalsingh (TEDx Barbados Coordinator)

The vulnerability that is vocal coaching for both the artist and the coach requires a space where you are completely comfortable and Indra creates this exceptionally well. Indra’s approach comes from a place of love, passion and kindness. She is well versed in her experience and knowledge of the voice and the body. I particularly like the breathing exercises where she engages the diaphragm such as doing scales while climbing stairs.
Indra is also very professional, not only is she punctual but she ensures she schedules every class. She is also very flexible which I appreciate because life happens no matter how much you’ve planned, so I really admire this
. Indra’s vocal coaching is tailor-made, she’s professional, fun, engaging, educational and most importantly she creates a safe space for you to be authentic and colorful!” ~ Anique Herbert

Indra was excellent at helping us understand how to navigate the global music market, providing expert, actionable advice – Susan Deane-Beckles

“There is a time in every great person’s life where a teacher stepped in at a critical point and affirmed to that malleable student that indeed they have what is takes. That they had that potential, that something extra and that if they would only believe it and respect to the point of putting in the work that they would be great.

Then, there is a time in every master’s life where an acclaimed master decided to take them under their wings and with laser focus and commitment mentors them to become that master the world will later recognize.

Now imagine this process being done over and over again. This is the life of Indra Rudder, her legacy. Who Indra Rudder mentors is catapulted to unimaginable distances in their career.

An impressive percentage of Barbados’ young music stars started off by stepping into Ms. Rudder’s space. And the already recognized artists’ games were raised to a level we’ll just call ‘On Point’ when she came on board. You see, the universal law is that when Indra Rudder invests her time, creative brilliance and down right sincere passion into a person, project or business, a marketable, rock solid brand is developed and matured to an impeccable standard. That is just they way it is.

Now to describe the heart of such a teacher. The integrity of such a character. The patience of such a person and the commitment of such a friend. It’s simple….Life changing.” – Rena Pilgrim

To book Vocal Coaching (group/individual) click here

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