• website copy, long-form blog posts, magazine articles
  • corporate commercial scripts
  • villa and venue descriptions & reviews
  • research and interview question prep

– eBook proofreading with notes


  • sharing insight and maintenance steps on blogging & publishing

We’ll have one-on-one 30-min online video conferencing sessions (on Zoom) where you can have access to the recording for reference, plus a follow-up e-mail with notes after our meeting

Also as a solo session or monthly service.

  • helping businesses plan projects and coordinate content

Whether you’re publishing a digital or print magazine, or launching a podcast, we’ll use digital planning tools to map, document your content and train your team.

I’ve written articles for Caribbean StartUp Scene e-Magazine and The Nation Newspaper, freelanced as Documentation Specialist with C.O.S.C.A.P and transcriptionist at Ice Records. Ltd’s music library, and served as Publishing Consultant to Beat|Barbados and Project Coordinator for the U.N Women project “Caribbean Artistes Against GBV.”


“Beyond the fact that she is a remarkable human being, she is worth millions in the skills, vision and get it done energy that she brings. Indra’s emotional intelligence on top of her professional value is the key component to her success with so many different types of teams and individuals.

I congratulate any professional or business that has engaged the game changer that is Indra.” ~ Rena Pilgrim

“It is pleasure working with Indra Denys. She has found a unique way to incorporate a detailed thoughtful approach to her services without interjecting stress and false urgency. It makes for an enjoyable yet productive work environment that yields written and audio products that are of exceptional quality.” ~ Joanne Nicholls, Clinician and Researcher

Indra was excellent at helping us understand how to navigate the global music market, providing expert, actionable advice.” – Susan Deane-Beckles

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 4.27.55 PM

“I must say, as Project Coordinator, she is quite professional, understanding, welcoming and a flexible person. You take your work serious but yet made it fun for us. If I were to do it all over again I wouldn’t change anything about the experience.” (Abena Vincent – Teacher, Artiste in U.N Women project)

“She is one of our favourite panellists!” – Ebonnie Rowe (Founder of HoneyJam)



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