Wall could do with reminders to enjoy moments of refreshment every now and then, so I thought to share some helpful breathing exercises and wellness tips to enhance your day and journey in general.

A little pre-roll for some context: Breathwork and stretches are a part of my regime as a singer, voice-over artist and coach helping Vocalists and Speakers nurture their voice, mind their posture, and breathe better.

Sometimes you just need to get a breather, and it feels like the only way you can really unwind, relax and recharge is on a full-paid-for vacation at your ideal destination.

While that’s very possible, a lot of the time you can start right where you are; it’s how you breathe that makes a big difference.

When you think of your daily to-dos in terms of your wellness, what 3 things come to mind? Quiet time in the early morning? A jog to start the day? Hair-care? Sharing time with close loved ones? Tuning into your gifts and pouring them out in service? Living out your purpose? Being intentional about your thoughts?

Breathing is something that we often take for granted, though without it…well – need I say more?

The pace of today hollers hustle, rush, go-get-it but the refreshment and mental clarity that well-paced intentional breathing brings is something worth looking into and including into each gifted day.

Question: How are you breathing now?

Exercises to breathe better. Just click the link to the post that suits you best right now:

Breathing exercises to relieve stress and calm the mind

Stretches and breathing exercises to do at your desk when you need to be refreshed

Breathing exercise for refreshment

Including Fitness Into Your Freelancer Lifestyle

Tending to your Wellness while taking care of Business

Take a moment to slow the pace of your breath, inhaling for four counts and exhaling for eight. Relax behind the eyes – those fluttering eyelids trying to keep up with thoughts…relax the mind…detox any images or words that do you no good, and experience that amazing gift we’ve been given…breath…and know…

you were created with and by love.

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