Composing songs for stories, singing at milestone events, helping writers and vocalists fine-tune their gifts, and coordinating projects and content for businesses.



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For innovative brands and businesses:

As a Caribbean born writer, artist, blogger, travel fan, and natural hair enthusiast, I’m happy to share and showcase venues, events and products I genuinely find brilliant, beautiful, interesting or helpful – ones I can stand by personally and share with the ‘Joy within‘ readers, viewers and listeners.

Social media and online platforms have made marketing so much more dynamic for entrepreneurs and innovative businesses to tap into the many opportunities to expand their reach, share their vision, and promote their product to existing and potential customers.

“Beyond the fact that she is a remarkable human being, she is worth millions in the skills, vision and get it done energy that she brings. Indraโ€™s emotional intelligence on top of her professional value is the key component to her success with so many different types of teams and individuals.

I congratulate any professional or business that has engaged the game changer that is Indra.” ~ Rena Pilgrim

โ€œIt is pleasure working with Indra Denys. She has found a unique way to incorporate a detailed thoughtful approach to her services without interjecting stress and false urgency. It makes for an enjoyable yet productive work environment that yields written and audio products that are of exceptional quality.โ€ ~ย Joanne Nicholls, Clinician and Researcher


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