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She lives loved…
She grows beyond her fears…
She listens, learns, cares and shares her God-given gifts…
She shines and grows – all by grace…

You’ll find her here.

Read or listen to gifted women (+ 2 gentlemen) from 7 destinations (so far): Barbados, The U.S, London, Trinidad & Tobago,  Zimbabwe, St. Lucia and Canada.

It's a beautiful thing when women gather to encourage and celebrate.

Sometimes it’s hard to really put yourself out there in general and as an entrepreneur, but we’re not to dim or hide the light within; we’re designed to shine.

I found out awhile ago, that intense shyness can sometimes be traced back to a sense of pride.

As uncomfortable as it was, I answered the calling, took the challenge and started to get brave in business. We can grow our business without comprising our essence.

It’s a learning curve that I’m still ‘surfing’ on but when we remember that our gifts and time matter and we have a purpose and something to offer (beyond our careers), navigating business becomes a lot less intimidating. It’s more of a service to others than a celebration of self.

This ‘Celebrate A Sister‘ series is meant to encourage other creative career sisters to share – not hide their gifts, and introduce their business while sharing encouragement with anyone reading a guest post or listening to a interview.

There’s something to be said about living purposefully yet quietly, and there’s also something special about connecting and encouraging other women on; joyfully celebrating as they shine through their gifting.

Our approach at Joy within:

  • Encouragement over envy
  • Serenity over stress
  • Joy and not despair
  • Community over isolation
  • Wellness in Business

Read and listen to guest posts and podcast episodes sharing encouragement for entrepreneurs through their own real-life journeys, by clicking the links coming up.


None of us is perfect, and life gives us more than a few reminders to help us realize that encouraging each other along the way inspires us to grow in gratitude, walk in love, listen with compassion, step into our calling, persevere by grace, shine with joy, create a healthy community, and celebrate the journey together.

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Here you’ll find inspiring, compassionate, and motivational fruit shared through:

Working From Home After Traveling Constantly | Encouragement Joywithin

Since most of us are working from home right now, travel has…changed its flavour and glamour-effect recently. Travel has always been a part of my life until a few years ago, just before I started my blog which now reaches readers in 75+ destinations. (Thank you) I learned a lot in that life-tempo change and in today’s episode am sharing encouragement and gentle prompts with any travel fans who could do with a fresh perspective on their life at home in this season. Passport in purse. Bills and coins from different countries tucked in one drawer, just in case. Adapters and converters to suit any socket – pre-packed. A fluid calendar and easy-to-reach bright pink mini suitcase, with a larger matching option depending on the trip. This was how life looked for me, not so long ago. Just before I started this blog, actually. Writing can therapeutic; don’t let anybody tell you different. Travel has always been a part of my life – well, ’til now. What about you? Correction: Barbados is listed as the 12th most-expensive 'country' on – not the 20th like I said (by accident) here. Here's the matching blog post to today's episode with a bit more on that.  — Send in a voice message:
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