So you’re ready to share that message and launch that blog. Fabulous.

While it’s fairly easy to launch a website or blog, the engine of content creation needs to be well-oiled. But there are systems as well as efficient planning and project management tools to help you chronicle your content. Online writing is a fabulous journey and a helpful avenue to share your message, build your business and reach your readers/customers/clients.

Starting a blog is one thing, and maintaining it is another – but don’t be overwhelmed. On this page, we’ll walk through through key steps, doable tips and resources to help you with writing, listing/selecting ideas, batching content, scheduling, publishing, promoting plus top tech tools so you can manage your online writing journey well, without feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re wondering if the blogging market is already saturated, think again.

Though there are billions of blogs, there is only one you.

Think about the most frequently asked questions you get. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to direct people to a post instead of repeating the same info and have the same conversation over and over again? This is one of the countless benefits to having a blog/website.

Coming up are some blog posts to walk you through your online writing journey.

Build Your Blog (From An Audience of 1 to many countries)

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Keeping Up With Content For Your Blog

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5 Top Tech Tools For Your Creative Content Business

3 Ways To Plan Your Blog Post Ideas

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Using A Bullet Journal To Map Your Blog Post Ideas

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Book Before Blog Or Blog Before Book?

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Navigating The Blog Posting Process | From Planning & Writing To Posting & Promoting | Checklist

Read to launch your blog?

Yes, I’m ready.

Start your own blog here. By clicking the link you’ll get a discount on your site launch.

BOOK an online V.I.P Day

Aim: Blog Launch & Content Management Plan

We meet online via video conference for your Blog Launch and Content Management session over hot drinks or smoothies. In the first segment, let’s map out your message, creative business and wellness goals, and best blog topics/categories. Then, it’s a break so you make notes and can get clear about your mission, messaging and ideal schedule. We meet online 3 hours after, to set your writing schedule, refine your productivity regimen, sharpen your time management skills (using Google Calendar) and walk through a top project management app to help you chronicle and archive your online content well. You successfully launch your blog and develop an efficient content management system with real-time assistance! Book your online V.I.P Day here.


When I started my #blog in March 2013, there were no whoops or rounds of applause (more like yawns and crickets.)

At first, I was writing fervently to an audience of 1. Today, reaches readers in 80 destinations.

Maybe you’re called to launch an idea – start a business, write a book, pitch a project but you keep stalling; listening for external encouragement, comparing yourself with a million other people in ‘your field,’ or waiting to see a chin-nudge forward.

Listen, you plant that seed, water it, keep showing up, watch it grow, remember the purpose in it, and give thanks every step of the way. You might be surprised at how many other people you can help navigate the process when you’ve gone through it yourself.

Book An Online Consultation | Join A Webinar

I had met Indra in the past and though we didn’t get to talk much, I was always stunned by her talent and presence. God linked us again recently and Indra helped me by giving me confidence in myself as a person and in my potential work as a new blogger. Her kindness, poise and professionalism gave me the fuel I needed to kickstart my mind into a new way of thinking. I am now more productive than I could have been without her erasing my doubts. I am taking baby steps but steps nonetheless! I definitely recommend Indra for any entrepreneur, young or old who is looking to expand their way of thinking and broaden their field of authentic work. If you are looking for someone to boost you while giving you great advice, this is who you want to talk to! – LoveTimeTravels

Special printable product coming up for you soon. Stay tuned.

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