Come join Indra for a revitalizing nature walk. Enjoy some fresh air amidst beautiful creation on the south-east (St. John) or the west (St. James.) Small groups welcome.


You know you’re gifted and designed to shine yet every now and then, we all could do with:

  • reminders to enjoy moments of refreshment

  • key marketing resources to upgrade in business

  • support through a community of like-minded women

  • a welcoming space

Sometimes you just need to get a breather, put your feet up (if ya like), sip a hot drink, munch on a light meal and have an honest conversation about quality of life, rhythm of business and integrity marketing online amidst good company.

“I enjoyed your workshop immensely. Don’t think I’ve been to one where I’ve felt so pampered while picking up such practical info! I already started batching posts – feelings like a boss! Keep sparkling!” ~ Linda

As a former creative workaholic who once operated a 24hr vocal studio and travelled consistently, I’ve learned that wellness and community are essential to blossoming and growing continually as a woman…and as an entrepreneur.

You don’t have to struggle solo, sis

SPARKLE” is a workshop where creatively-enterprising ladies gather to grow in business, with wellness in mind.

It’s a refreshing event for a select number of ladies, where breathwork starts each session, networking is organic not overwhelming, creative entrepreneurship and social media marketing are included in the topic, and the setting is welcoming.

2020 TBD

At “Sparkle,” you’re invited to share your wins as well as challenges and get productivity resources, marketing materials and wellness tips in an uplifting and focused networking session.

Could you do with some special treatment, social & tech tips, a ‘Business Clarity Map‘ and light refreshments in a welcoming environment?

“Beyond the fact that she is a remarkable human being, she is worth millions in the skills, vision and get it done energy that she brings. Indra’s emotional intelligence on top of her professional value is the key component to her success with so many different types of teams and individuals.” ~ Rena
Table accents by Director of Design, Michelle

Why ‘Sparkle” Workshop?

Have you ever received a message of encouragement right when you needed it most? Ever gone through a challenge and had your core friends or even a kind acquaintance reach out and step in to support? Ever went through a tough season in business and wished you had access to a community of skilled sisters there to share resources and stand in the gap for you?

When women gather on purpose with the intention to share, encourage, learn and grow, the results are epic and overflow into families, communities, work lives, and circles of influence.

That’s the essence of “Sparkle

Meet Michelle – see that beautiful tablescape of ornaments and treats? … the event decor? – her work. Along with brightening the session space with fabric and writing supplies, she’s also a co-host.

Wellness is often left out of the conversation where women and business are concerned. For some reason, being ‘busy‘ is seen as a heroic thing, even if it doesn’t translate into productivity and affects our health and peace of mind in the process. Let’s face it – stress is a real factor – not for us to fear, but to be aware of. It affects the quality of life, clarity in thinking, our approach to interacting with others, our health and ‘joie de vivre.’ 

If you’re anything like me you desire to live light, shine bright, serve well, thrive with joy and live a life that’s pleasing to God.

No more frazzled days filled with to-dos.

You’re reading this because you’re ready to turn a new page and lead from a place of refreshment. It’s time to get clear about your business goals and wellness vision and be intentional about harmonizing the two.

Joy and wellness are essential for a refreshed sense of purpose, longevity in business, and cheerfulness in service

Our guests

Ladies who join our ‘sesh’ love what they do and how they serve. They’re enterprising, yet not all entrepreneurs – and that’s totally cool. They shine with grace and are determined to grow thriving businesses in a way that aligns with their joy & wellness


Are you:
– proactive about learning
interested in effective productivity tips that align with joy and wellness

– an aspiring or professional authors, bloggers, podcasters and vloggers
– ready to grow and meet like-minded women who shine through their gifts too

If you answered yes “Sparkle” is your kinda jam.

Online business and social media have their place, but there’s something special about real-life connectionsin-person

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You’re more than welcome to join us on this journey. Community matters, and so do you.

Being an entrepreneur is a muscle-building journey that requires endurance, so we constantly need to carve out purposeful pockets of time for refreshment and community along the way.

Our lives aren’t wrapped up perfectly and permanently in pretty pink bows. Things can get wobbly, messy, busy, and challenging along the way. It helps to apply a sound structure, pace tasks at a danceable tempo to achieve your goals and tap into a supportive community while you maintain a thriving business and enjoy the space you’ve outlined to be refreshed and creative.

Limited seating for focused attention at our sessions, so
fill out this form to get a firsthand update with the date and time of our next ‘Sparkle” workshop. Let’s get acquainted and connect directly through an online call. When’s the best time to contact you? (Please note Day, Time, Timezone)