Want to get better acquainted with the kitchen and recipe ideas to jumpstart your cooking journey? Get comfy and scroll through for meal pics and easy-to-make wholesome tasty dishes using ground provisions, seasonal fruits, veggies, spices, seeds, nuts and fresh herbs from the garden.

When I went from being busy on the road to working quietly from home, cooking regularly (and better) was something i was looking forward to and it’s now a light and sweet part of life ever since. But at first, I had no clue where to start or what kinds of dishes I could rotate for a bit until i found new ones to add to my repertoire.

Every meal doesn’t have to involve a big production to be tasty, healthy, filling and enjoyable.

‘buss up shut’ with curry channa and aloo (potato), bhaigan choka, tomato stew and spinach (no fork needed.)

sweet coconut curry pumpkin, stew gungo peas with tomato, steamed spinach and candied plantain

Sharing vegetarian recipe ideas to spice-up your home-cooking journey.

baigan choka with curry okra, pickled cucmber, fried plantain – and chips to scoop them up
curry channa & cream potato | sauteed greens and potato salad on the side

bean pasta (vermicelli) with mushroom marinara and sauteed spinach
soup packed with veg and 2 red lentil ‘fries’

Too Busy To Cook? Let’s talk, sis…

For women called and willing to work at home, here are a few posts for inspiration with gentle reminders that you’re meant for more than a career and your days or life don’t need to look glamorous or be jam-packed to be purposeful.

a l’il pre-roll so you can have an idea of the foundation and flavours that match the photos here: daughter of The King of Kings enjoying a calm kitchen: bajan trini kalinago with an international palette making vegetarian meals at home. In other seasons, i’ve eaten only ital/vegan for about 5 years and the opposite for a shorter stint. Now, it’s strictly healthy, light yet filling vegetarian food. Sharing recipes ideas to help you spice-up your homecooking journey. Light loving reminder (to me too): what comes out of our mouth matters more than what goes in. Words are meals too.

squash soup

Vegetarian meals made with love & infused with Caribbean flavours

scrumptious salads and light breakfast

buss up shut with tropical fillings

a wholesome split pea and bean soup

sauteed lightly-seasoned veggies

growing food at home

(l-r) hibiscus, veg fried rice, mangoes & Trini corn soup

ever heard of ‘breadfruit?’ The tree is in the middle pic (bottom row.) Delicious!

(l-r) palms, sweet pepper, b’fast, stew, peas & oats + fruit

Onion, garlic and at least a sprinkle of curry simmering in the oil of your choice start off any dish right!

Click on the recipe for the dish you like – more on the way so stay tuned

Morocco’s Innovative Food Combinations

moringa leaf, spinach, peanut vanilla shake with granola, hibiscus flower, moringa flower

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