Healthy, tasty, tropical food.

Hi and thanks for coming by to my cooking page where you’ll find vegetable-rich friendly recipes to help you spice-up your homecooking journey with real ingredients and flavours that go well together.

Soups and stews with peas, ground provisions – boiled or roasted, seasonal fruits of the land, spices, seeds, nuts and greens from the garden – we make the most them here. Every meal doesn’t have to involve a big production to be healthy, filling and enjoyable.

Here are some vegetable-rich recipes to try:

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Vegetable-Rich Reci-Peas Cookbook (ebook)

Looking for a Caribbean style cookbook with vegetarian-friendly meal ideas and recipes? “Vegetable-Rich Reci-Peas” ebook is full of tropical, tasty, healthy and doable dishes to make at home for you and your loved ones. With easy-to-follow steps, inviting images of meals you’ll soon be making – plus articles on foraging, growing food, farm visits and more, this book is designed to help you spice up your homecooking journey with a tropical touch. “Vegetable-Rich Reci-Peas” will be sent straight to your inbox as a .PDF within 24 hours of purchasing. Feel free to print it out as you work your way through all the recipes shared. Note: Prices in USD.$


‘buss up shut’ with curry channa and aloo (potato), bhaigan choka, tomato stew and spinach (no fork needed.)
homemade bread
red lentil dhal
fusilli pie, brown rice, kidney beans in coconut & carrot sauce, curry channa & aloo, zaboca (avocado)
black lentil and melongene stew

baigan choka with curry okra, pickled cucmber, fried plantain – and chips to scoop them up
harvest day in the garden

sautéed mushrooms and veggies
breadfruit oildown

I grew up eating and now making meals from scratch with real ingredients. In different seasons, i’ve eaten strictly ital/vegan for about 5 years, veg & fish only and the opposite for a shorter stint so not here to advise on what’s best for you. Nowadays, it’s healthy, light yet filling vegetarian food. Light loving reminder (to me too): what comes out of our mouth matters more than what goes in. Words are meals too.

squash soup

moringa leaf, spinach, peanut vanilla with granola, apple, hibiscus flower, moringa flower
lentils soaking in water with herbs before boiling

Onion, garlic and at least a sprinkle of curry simmering in the oil of your choice start off any dish good.

Click on the recipe for the dish you like (more on the way)

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