When’s the last time you went on a nature walk, where you didn’t have to rush anywhere to meet anyone or do anything else pressing right after? Going for nature walks is a healthy way of refreshing the mind, rejuvenating the lungs, re-calibrating our eyesight and assessing our perspective and priorities while seeing some beautiful views in creation. It’s different from the hype of a brisk walk, jog or run and can help us better pace our thoughts, calm any nerves, reset the frequencies in our ears by tuning into the therapeutic tones of nature sounds and gain a sense of clarity while nurturing the body.

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When’s the last time you went on a slow nature walk, where you weren’t pressed to rush back home, meet anyone or do anything else right after? 
Nature walks – especially ones lasting at least an hour, can be so therapeutic; nourishing to the soul and our state of mind.
You don’t need to save up to do it, and the benefits outweigh the small effort it takes to put on a pair or sandals or trainers.
Stress is a real threat, so being proactive about our wellness and state of mind is essential…read post
Quality of life. More and more, it seems we’re all being reminded about what that is and how much it matters to each gifted day and our overall journey.
In these odd times in this upside-down world, being proactive about our priorities, thought life, health habits, interactions, peace of mind, time, intricacies, stress level and purpose is essential. Not that they always weren’t (important), but it’s possible we didn’t consider or value them as much when the world was at full volume.
Stress is resilient and when an environment is conducive to it, being purposeful about maintaining your peace amidst everything that’s designed to derail it, builds endurance and can help you experience calm instead of chaos. Stress has no conscience or sense of care and compassion – if you’ve ever had an encounter with it at full volume, you already know to take it off the guest list when it comes to your mind, home, and life…read post
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Recently, I had the chance to visit Kew Gardens, home to the largest temperate greenhouse in the world – located in London. After a few peaceful yet stimulating hours of strolling through beautiful gardens, walking amidst huge and textured trees, birdwatching by a pond, visiting the Marianne North art exhibition, taking pics during purposeful pauses, and having a look in the garden store, we had only explored a little under one third of the 330 acres that makes up Kew Gardens…read post
Recently, I saw someone’s comment on social media about ‘when fresh air was free.’ Fresh air is still free, and in these times when freedom of choice is suddenly up for debate while rights are selectively being granted to others, every opportunity to breathe clean air, stretch your legs and enjoy scenery or go for a nature walk or country drive is something to be thankful for. On that note, today’s post is a photo tour of a short trip to Wales – with views from the cliff above Pobbles Beach to be exact…read post
Early mornings, hot drinks, nature walks and time in creation. Those things might sound simple enough but they can still jumpstart a heart, usher in a smile and lead to beautiful surprises along the way. In today’s post, we’re walking through a forest in another country.
Did you know that the quality of the air in a forest can help build the immune system? From the enhanced and purified quality of the oxygen we’re breathing in while walking, to the distinct visuals and aromas in the woods, it’s like a complete calibration – a refreshing reset. Our eyes get a rest from screen time and olfactory systems take in fragrances that uplift our mood and relieve any residue stress…read post
Today I’m inviting you for a virtual forest visit with pics sharing:
homecooking moments
forest flower bouquets
a quad bike ride
target practice
nature walks
all in a forest in east Germany where I’ve been visiting friends…read post
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