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Your worth isn’t defined by a career and your life has a purpose beyond your tasks and to-do lists.

Getting 'Un-Stuck' In Life & Answering Your Calling To Write | Interview with Jamie Lerner Joywithin

Hi there, a new interview for you. Today’s guest is Jamie Lerner. She is the co-author of “The Ever-Loving Essence Of You” book and a professional coach helping people to get 'unstuck.' Jamie’s logging on from the U.S. and shares her insight into the journey and discipline of writing, as well as some helpful advice and forward steps for aspiring authors who want advice on developing a writing rhythm and formula that works well for you. Listen up and thanks for tuning in. Along with walking us through her writing regimen, our guest encourages us to be honest about recognizing and riding waves of authentic inspiration in order to maintain a joyful approach to writing. Some key questions asked in this episode: Were you always called to write? What triggered your educational interest in the field of psychology? What is one thing that you think every person could benefit from in terms of reflection and honest self-evaluation? "Stuck is just a moment" ~ Jamie Lerner Visit Jamie online at http://www.jamie-lerner.com Read a partial transcript on the matching blog post on http://www.itsjoywithin.com To send a question for another podcast episode, download the Anchor.fm (free) app, subscribe to this channel and record your message. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/joywithin/message
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You know you’re designed to make use of your granted gifts and acquired skills but could do with some encouragement and solid steps on how to shape a thriving creative business without packing a million more things on your plate?

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