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Hi there, pull up your favourite chair and join Indra and guests on Joy within‘ podcast for encouragement on nurturing your gifts and listen in on creative career conversations & life lessons with entrepreneurial guests. Join listeners in 27 destinations for content steps for your business and refreshment reminders for your wellness.

When you love what you do, you can sometimes forget it’s work, and leave moments of refreshment out of the picture.

You are much more than products, services, dollars and cents and your life has a purpose beyond your tasks and to-do lists.


Hiya, today we have a new guest for you. His name is John Vuong; he’s joining us from Toronto. Al little pre-roll so that you can get to know him a lil bit better and find out all you can glean from him in this insightful episode. John is the 4th child of Vietnamese immigrants to Canada. He’s very familiar with hard work. A devoted husband and dad, as well as a diligent businessman. He is at the helm of Local SEO Search Inc. which is one of the leading SEO companies in Canada. John has a background in finance but he also has a dedication to living well and making sure that his business complements his family and doesn’t detract from the priority that they are. That’s a beautiful balance and that harmonizes sweetly with our message of content management and understanding how you can work well in terms placing or positioning your website – your online content, as opposed to producing and publishing wildly without focus, not really knowing where your reach is growing. He’s gonna share everything that would probably take us a while to learn so listen up and thanks for tuning in. In this episode, John Vuong shares about: the call to entrepreneurship understanding opportunities in business visibility for your business the engine of S.E.O. work/life balance “7 years ago, I started this journey of entrepreneurship not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. I left a sales career – selling advertising sales (traditional and digital media) for 10 years. During that time, I learned a lot about myself, who I wanted to become – what I enjoyed and what I didn’t enjoy, in terms about work and life balance. Fast forward to when I started in 2013, I knew who my ideal type of client was, what their pain points were, and what they wanted out of someone that wanted to move them ahead – transformation from traditional to now digital. I didn’t know anything about SEO. I just knew there was an opportunity because people told me. Users' behaviours were shifting to more digital. You need to understand your customers and how they shop. People are (now) doing way more shopping online. They’re doing more research – vetting websites. As a business owner, how do you understand the behaviours of patterns, what they’re using and get in front of them? You can be ahead of the curve if you’re able to pivot your business very quickly. We help educate and inform people. On Work/Life Balance "I was always curious and asking questions to see…what did it have a family – get married – eventually have children. Yes, you work hard while you work, but what happens afterwards? Do you have dinner with your family – do you go on vacations? On the weekends, do you work or do you spend time with the kids and family? All these things mould what you want to become. So I learned and really got a lot of insight from a lot of people." John Vuong (Local SEO Search)  Toronto http://www.johnvuong.ca — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/joywithin/message
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