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When you love what you do, you can sometimes forget it’s work, and leave moments of refreshment out of the picture.

You are much more than products, services, dollars and cents and your life has a purpose beyond your tasks and to-do lists.

Being The Face Of Your Business | Jewelry Designer, Nisha Doughlin shares Encouragement for Aspiring Creative Entrepreneurs Joywithin

Meet Nisha Doughlin, jewelry designer and entrepreneur behind Metah Designs, a rising jewelry line in Trinidad & Tobago. Listen in as she shares openly about overcoming the awkwardness of introducing yourself as the face behind your business, and be sure to get a notebook to jot down motivational steps and encouraging tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. In this interview, I ask Nisha about her: inspiration workflow journey into jewelry modelling advice for nervous newbies to entrepreneurship insight into joy and work View photos and order your favourite Metah Designs pieces on Facebook: Metah  Metah (may-tah) N: "I knew that part of what I wanted to do was to make women feel good about themselves." JWI: How have you overcome insecurity to be now doing IG live videos and photoshoots with your pieces? N: That was really very scary for me; to go live – that first conversation that I had. Even to model my own pieces; even putting my face on my page was very very very scary for me because as much as I am an extrovert and I am a people-person, it’s a whole other thing to put yourself out there – this is not just like my friend seeing this or posting a picture in a family group – this is like people I don’t know – this is the world. Joywithin website: (Matching blog post with transcription excerpts from this audio will be up within 48hrs) — Send in a voice message:
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