Hey sis,

You know you’re gifted and designed to shine yet every now and then, we all could do with reminders to enjoy moments of refreshment, key resources to upgrade in business and support through a community of like-minded women.

Sometimes you just need to get a breather, put your feet up (if ya like), sip a hot drink and have an honest conversation about merging life and business amidst good company.

“I enjoyed your workshop immensely. Don’t think I’ve been to one where I’ve felt so pampered while picking up such practical info! I’ve already started batching my facebook posts and feel like a boss! Keep sparkling!” ~ Linda


SPARKLE” is a workshop where creatively-enterprising women gather to grow in business, with wellness in mind.

It’s a refreshing event where breathwork starts each session, networking is organic, blogging and social media marketing are included in the topic, and the approach, holistic – after all, we’re so much more than our businesses. At “Sparkle,” guests are invited to share their wins as well as challenges, for resources, solutions and upgrade ideas.

Listen to audio HERE

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Why “Sparkle?” Workshop?

Wellness is often left out of the conversation where women and business are concerned, and I was concerned about that. Research, observation and experience have shown that stress is a real factor – not for us to fear, but to be aware of. It affects quality of life, clarity in thinking, our approach to interacting with others, our health and ‘joie de vivre.’

Our events share business productivity tips that align with the healthiest, happiest you!

Joy and wellness are essential for a refreshed sense of purpose, longevity in business, cheerfulness in service, and gratitude…

“Thank you for a beautifully run workshop yesterday.  I thoroughly enjoyed the comradeship and exchange. The information shared will definitely help me to keep ‘shining’ and continue to assist others even more effectively.” ~ Kristy Gittens (Uniquely You)

Our guests

The ladies who join our ‘sesh’ love what they do and how they serve. They’re creatively enterprising, yet not all established entrepreneurs – and that’s totally cool. They know they’re gifted, shine with grace and are determined to grow their businesses in a way that aligns with their joy and wellness. They’re:

proactive about learning
interested in effective productivity tips and fine-tuning their social media skills
aspiring or professional authors, bloggers, podcasters and vloggers
ready to grow and meet like-minded women who shine through their gifts too

“…thank you for a beautifully run workshop.  I thoroughly enjoyed the comradeship and exchange. The information shared will definitely help me to keep ‘shining’ and continue to assist others even more effectively.” ~ Kristy (Uniquely You Fitness)

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Next workshop – August, 2019

No more frazzled days filled with to-dos. You’re ready to turn a new page and lead from a place of refreshment. It’s time to get clear about your business goals and wellness dream.

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Registration is now open. Fill out the form below to request a seat.


You are designed to shine, and your bright light is welcome here!




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