Hi there. It’s fabulous that you’re taking a step forward to free and nurture your voice.

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Fine-Tune” Coaching with Indra Denys

Your voice matters.

Whether you are an aspiring vocalist, professional artist or public speaker/announcer in training, the ‘Fine-Tune‘ experience will both technical and practical exercises while equipping you with Vocal-CARE resources.

This training series includes a series of video tutorials and an eBook filled with tips to help you improve your singing ability, expand your vocal range and build endurance through exercises to help you prepare for the studio or big stage.

Here are some of the areas we will tend to during your online coaching or live group training journey designed to develop and strengthen your voice:

the mechanics of the voice
the art of listening
diaphragmatic breathing
pitch, phrasing
posture & projection
watch your tone | Vocal-CARE
focus & diction
lyrical interpretation and sonic rendition
stage prep training
vocal fitness


Find, Free and Nurture your voice with “Fine-Tune” coaching

Meet your Vocal Coach

Brief bio:

She is a saved by grace artist who has sung for diplomats, at weddings, 5-star resorts, schools, an orphanage, music festivals, funerals, a prison, a hospital and charity events. Indra Denys is also the lead singer on two recorded theme songs for The Mustardseed Kids with whom she shared the Ilaro Court stage for ‘Carols By Candlelight.’

Her voice is featured on corporate jingles, hotel welcome commercials, an app tutorial, and an award-winning Caribbean animation project.

MUSIC Expos attended: M.I.D.E.M, W.S.I.S, W.O.M.E.X, S.X.S.W, C.O.S.C.A.P’s ‘Women In Music,’ C.M.E/U.N.E.S.C.O | Speaker at HoneyJam Barbados Songwriting Workshop (2016, 2018)

Mentored by Eddy and Anne Grant of Ice Records Ltd. and Chris Allman of Slam City Studio, the indie artist and home studio owner sings at select milestone events, has travelled to more than twenty destinations, and graced the stage in the areas of song, dance, poetry, visual art, and (briefly) theatre.

From shy creative and background vocalist to onstage artist and coach, Indra understands a lot of the fears many upcoming artists struggle with when it comes to singing out and stepping up to the mic. Her group coaching sessions are comprehensive and designed to inspire, challenge and strengthen.

She enjoys seeing the joy on clients’ faces when they find their voice, improve their breathing (which has benefits beyond singing), expand their vocal range, overcome onstage nerves, and grow from strength to strength.

Indra Denys served as Vocal Tutor for “Youth Achieving Results” programme coordinated by the Division of Youth Affairs and has coached aspiring artists for 15+ years. Many of her former clients are now household music names in Barbados and she trains several participants of HoneyJam Barbados showcase and school talent contests. She now concentrates on coaching talented teen girls and women who aspire to be vocalists, podcast hosts, coaches, YouTubers, and public speakers.

Songwriting on the charts: #1 MTV Africa, #1 German reggae charts, #1 BBC 1Xtra, #5 U.K reggae charts, #5 David Rodigan’s ‘Hot Hits‘ List, #7 Billboard Reggae, Top 50 Songs on, and B.M.A nomination for Best Inspirational/Gospel. (Member of C.O.S.C.A.P and P.R.S)


Bright News: We’ve expanded our team to include Life Coach, Janelle James who leads a 15min. live segment for group workshops or a 10min. video presentation for online course clients.

Janelle James
Meet Janelle James who is here to listen attentively and share her insight as a Certified Life Coach in the ‘Fine-Tune’ Vocal Coaching series

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