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Joy within Media Kit _ June 2019


“Beyond the fact that she is a remarkable human being, she is worth millions in the skills, vision and get it done energy that she brings. Indra’s emotional intelligence on top of her professional value is the key component to her success with so many different types of teams and individuals.

I congratulate any professional or business that has engaged the game changer that is Indra.” ~ Rena Pilgrim

“It is pleasure working with Indra Denys. She has found a unique way to incorporate a detailed thoughtful approach to her services without interjecting stress and false urgency. It makes for an enjoyable yet productive work environment that yields written and audio products that are of exceptional quality.” ~ Joanne Nicholls, Clinician and Researcher


All assignments are confidential, and all clients valuable.


Hotel & Villa vlog reviews by special request

Former clients include Ice Records Ltd., C.O.S.C.A.P, Candor Music, Ten Habitat, U.N Women, Entertainment Network Inc., Beat|Barbados, Barbados Red Cross, Barbados Beach Club & SunBay Hotels, A.G.E Production | Portfolio: documentation management for 3 music libraries.

Consultancy for women who aspire to start and maintain a blog

From organizational techniques and presentation design to publishing prep steps, you’ll get consultancy services to inspire and propel you from aspiring online writer to pro blogger

Quick question so we can get to know your writing rhythm at the moment: do you write every day? Click the box if so.



Being a freelance writer or blogger is an adventure that entails a whole lot of discipline and structure. Whether you’re interested in being a hobby blogger or your blog is the ongoing voice of your business, consistency is key.

Blogging can blossom into a career that leads to digital product launches, speaking opportunities and networking highlights, but it takes work, vision, an attitude of consistency, and patience galore.

As a songwriter, author, blogger, publisher and Associate Editor of a regional e-magazine, I’m here to walk women who have a writing goal through the planning, publishing and promotional steps to launch your online writing journey.

You will:

  • get clarity on the essence of your message
  • set a breathable writing rhythm to bring your blog to launch position
  • find your ‘writing voice’ and identify your ideal reader/audience
  • fine-tune and map the fluidity and presentation of your message
  • learn how to fluently navigate the backend of your WordPress blog
  • develop a social media marketing plan as a new blogger
  • create and maintain an online community on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • generate content consistently
  • enjoy the journey while being proactive, inspired and equipped

Fill out the form to get started with 1:1 coaching or to book me to speak at your event.

Please note the best day/time you’d like to receive a discovery call, and what timezone you’re in.


Media Kit available by request.


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