Blogging Essentials ebook

Blogging Essentials is ideal for aspiring online writers and already-bloggers. Get clarity and courage to launch your online writing space, the stepping stones to produce content and be consistent, or get refresher info on how to fine-tune your message, boost your blog and start taking bookings for your services. In this printable book, I share how my blog grew from having an audience of 1 to readers in 100 islands and countries (without any paid promotion.) is on the ‘Top 45 Caribbean Lifestyle Blogs & Websites To Follow” by FeedSpot from 2019-2022, has hundreds of multimedia posts and features guests writers from 7 destinations. ‘Blogging Essentials’ is 40-page handbook sharing creative resources including a 7-step blogging checklist, content management program tutorial, encouragement for new online writers, motivational writing prompts and key steps to expand your blog’s reach and keep up with content joyfully.


Vocal-Care eBook

Is your voice key in your career? Well, you don’t need to be a vocal pro to know that a sore throat, an annoying cough or stuffy nose are three of the least favourite things on most people’s list. While ‘On That Note’ – Vocal-Care ebook isn’t to replace any medical advice, there are many natural home remedies like fruits, herbs, teas and oils gifted to us so we can tend to our health and nurture our voice. I share my warm-up and cool down exercises plus the things that have helped me maintain my voice having recorded over 1,000 background vocals and many originals, sung on small and big stages, advised other artistes and coached hundreds. ‘Vocal-Care’ ebook is a go-to handbook for you if your voice is a big part of how you serve and what you do.


Infused English Lavender & Golden Jojoba Oil in 10ml roller bottle (available in Barbados only)

100% pure organic Golden Jojoba Oil infused with English lavender. Golden jojoba oil derives from the jojoba shrub and this blend is infused with English lavender and packed ready-to-use in a roller bottle that will fit in neatly in your purse or pocket.This product is available in Barbados only for now.


Market Bag (lime green)

An eco-friendly hand crocheted 14″ X 14″ long handled lime green market bag ideal for fruits and vegetables, made from 100% organic cotton. Hand-wash cold with colours. (Only lime green in stock.)


Tropical Wrap Skirt (blue)

A breathable cotton wrap skirt with a tropical print (blue) fit for many frames – 64″ (wide) X 45″ (long.) You can also wear it as a head scarf or shawl. Many prints available in different colours. 1 slipper magnet included.