Freelancer WorkWeek – Blogging, Beach, Bridgetown & Music Biz Meeting

Hiya, it’s about that time – here’s a NEW Freelancer WorkWeek video for you. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a creative business owner who’d like to click refresh on your work approach or a travel fan of Barbados, there’s something for you in today’s post. As I type this, the first raindrops on the west […]

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Making The Most Of A National Holiday {Kadooment Day – The Quiet Way}

Hi there, as I type this post, the distant sound of fast-paced drum and bass is travelling across seawater, up the hill and trickling into the atmosphere. The sound is so faint, but every now and then, the wind blows the sound faintly in this direction. It’s Kadooment Day (Carnival Day) – a national holiday […]

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Freelancer WorkWeek – Pacing Writing With B&B Housecleaning in Barbados {Video}

Hi there, today’s post shares a combo of sit-down-and-focus work and physical-on-your-feet work. Ever have one of those days or weeks when the list of things to do involves different parts of your brain, so it’s a test of endurance and patience to get through them? Well, those are often the times when looking on […]

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Freelancer Workflow – Blogging And Vlogging From Bridgetown, Barbados {Video}


Hey y’all, here’s an easy-to-watch video sharing a bit of Bridgetown while on my workflow during a full week. Right after, there’s a list of freelancer business tips from lessons learned while mostly working from home in this season. Little question so we can get better acquainted: are you from Barbados or have you ever […]

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Cosy Cafes To Cool Down in, in Barbados

white desk

Working from home is a discipline. Going to an office on a daily basis also requires discipline, but we’re a lot less likely to put up our feet in pockets of free time or synchronize file uploads with laundry loads in public places. In between home duties and work tasks, at some point, all (or […]

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