Tips To Working Well From Home

Hey there, do you work from home…or do you want to? First, let me say this (or entrepreneurship) isn’t for everybody so please don’t feel like this is the be-all-and-end-all of career formats…’cause it’s not. It’s a possibility. Today’s video shares some tips for anyone making the step from busy on the road to working quietly […]

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One Week In Five Minutes – Shopping, Recording, Cleaning & Yardwork {VIDEO}

There’s no one formula to being a creative freelancer. Knowing what tempo works well for your tasks and quality of life in the present season you’re in helps include wellness into the design of your business. Burnout is not fun, and it can sap energy and stifle creativity; that’s enough incentive to find the best […]

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Freelancer Workflow – Blogging And Vlogging From Bridgetown, Barbados {Video}


Hey y’all, here’s an easy-to-watch video sharing a bit of Bridgetown while on my workflow during a full week. Right after, there’s a list of freelancer business tips from lessons learned while mostly working from home in this season. Little question so we can get better acquainted: are you from Barbados or have you ever […]

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