Growing In Gratitude Wherever We’re Planted {Video}

Hi there, in today’s video post I’m sharing two things: a bit on my quest to grow in gratitude daily an invitation to join the joy journey and hop on the thankfulness train starting right where you are As I mentioned a few times here and on IG, this blog started in a tough season […]

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Cosy Cafes To Cool Down in, in Barbados

white desk

Working from home is a discipline. Going to an office on a daily basis also requires discipline, but we’re a lot less likely to put up our feet in pockets of free time or synchronize file uploads with laundry loads in public places. In between home duties and work tasks, at some point, all (or […]

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When you live where some vacation

Browns Beach ๐Ÿ in Barbados. Life on an island means water close by, in some form or another. Oddly enough, ‘Bim’ is noted as a water-scarce island though it’s literally surrounded by an ocean of water, and decorated with (hopefully still) fresh-water springs but we’ll leave that to another post. Today, we’re talking seawater at […]

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