Mindset Refresh with Joanne Nicholls of The McKenzie Project {Podcast}

Joanne Nicholls

Growing through and beyond pain is a journey that is well worth the effort. Our thought life and understanding of truth are so important to overcoming whatever situations we’ve faced or circumstances we may still be breathing through. Just like aloe vera gel and turmeric leave a residue when not addressed, so too can pain […]

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Breathing Exercise for Refreshment {Podcast}

Hi there, I took a little blogging siesta, and am ready for a bright new season after a challenging week: Quick question: when’s the last time you remember taking a full, refreshing breath? Breath is an amazing gift that we often take for granted. It seems (like now) that we do it so effortlessly, yet […]

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Take A Deep Breath {refreshment}

When last do you remember taking a deep breath? This isn’t a contest…it’s an invitation to take one now. Breath is something we tend to take for granted. Deep breaths (from the diaphragm especially): bring clarity calm the mind relieve stress help the immune system revitalize the skin create an automatic environment for gratitude to […]

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